Winter finally arrives

 Winter finally arrives

It’s snowing out. A lot. As I write this on a Sunday morning, the abnormally warm and rainy winter weather we have been experiencing in Michigan has given way to very cold, windy and snowy weather. The roads are a mess. My motorhome, parked in the drive, has a thick coating of snow and ice.

After church this morning, one of the people who opens the door as people were leaving was laughing as he saw folks bracing themselves as they encountered the blast of cold air and driving snow.

“Hey, it could be worse,” he joked. “You could be in Florida.”

Pretty funny. And for our snowbirding pals, basking away in Florida or the Gulf Coast or Texas or Arizona as they read this, let me say: “Hey, you could be in Michigan.”

Jennifer and I love the snow. Maybe it’s the adventure of it all, a memory of those long ago snow days that cancelled school. Maybe its the uncertainty of it, the “how bad is it going to get?” excitement that a big storm brings. Whatever it is, we love it.

Over the next two week, weather forecasts say parts of Michigan will be measuring the snow in feet, not inches. We see that as good news. We’re two weeks away from our annual Roadtreking Winter Camping adventure up at Tahquamenon Falls in the Upper Peninsula. With about 60 other hearty, fun-seeking Roadtrekers, we plan to spend the weekend of Jan 22-24th, snowshoeing, watching dog sled races and hanging out outdoors around big bonfires.

Bring it on! Last year, we had 36 inches of snow on the level ground. Most of us are hoping we can break that record this year.

I’m told that the older people get, the less they can tolerate winter.

I say that’s hogwash.

I’m getting older and I love snow and winter.

Wanna know another reason why I like it so much.

Because, when in February we DO head south to Florida, we’ll appreciate the warmer weather even more.

he he he he he….


Mike Wendland

Mike is a veteran journalist who, with his wife, Jennifer, travels North America in a small motorhome, blogging about the people, places, joys and adventure of RV life on the road. He enjoys camping (obviously), hiking, biking, fitness, photography, kayaking, video editing, and all things dealing with technology and the outdoors. See and subscribe to his RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube, where he has hundreds of RV and travel related videos. His PC MIke TV reports, on personal technology are distributed weekly to all 215 NBC-TV stations.


  • Hello Mike, not sure if this is the best way to communicate with you but a friend of mine at work who owns a 2500 Sprinter Van told me about this web site called outside van: It’s pretty cool in that it promotes the outdoor lifestyle and uses Sprinters to create a modular type vehicle specifically for ones personal lifestyle.

  • Mike, You have one fortunate advantage over us full time workers. When you want a few weeks break from the fun of playing in the snow, shoveling several inches of snow daily, and driving slush covered roads, dodging 4×4 pickups at break neck speed – you can warm the Roadtrek and head South until you can wear shirtsleeves for a few weeks.

    I look forward to that day. Cross-country skiing one week, basking on a sunny gulf coast beach the next week.

    Following your many adventures to prepare for that opportunity.
    Michael, N0EUN

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