As we finish up outfitting our RV, the road is calling. I just edited a little promo video that we’ll use for our video report intros and to hopefully get the attention of some potential sponsors. It’s attached to this post.

Now, where shall we go? What would you like us to discover and report about?

Yellowstone is at the top of the list this summer. So are the badlands. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula warrants a trip.

Where else?

Would you like reports on rallies? More tech reports? Gear and equipment reviews? Travel destination reports? What people shall we seek out and meet?

I’ve been a journalist for decades and traveled most of this country. But always I’d parachute in, get the story and move on to the next. It was hurry, hurry, hurry. Everything was on deadline it seemed at times as if the country was just one huge strip mall. What greenery and mountains and seashores and rivers and valleys I saw were in the flyover country down below or glimpsed at a distance from a speeding rental car. If we got close to the beauty, it was only as a backdrop for a standup before it was back to the airport. When we overnighted, it was in look-alike Hampton Inns or Marriotts and Sheratons. It was crazy.

This time, on my own time, in my Roadtrek RV with my wife, Jennifer, and Tai the Norwegian Elkhound, the journey is the story. I can’t wait meet the people, see the stars in a night sky, experience the land, and take in all the adventure and inspiration that this new RV life offers.

So give me your suggestions on what I’ve missed all these years.

Use comments below.