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Wanderlust – Here she goes again

Wanderlust - Here she goes again 1Maps? Check.

Shorts? Check.

Binoculars, scope and camera? Check.

Canine Co-pilot who can’t read a map worth a darn? Check.

Olga, my trusty Roadtrek camper, is ready to be de-iced, gassed up and loaded for trekking. I received an invitation that I couldn’t refuse from the Godfather of the Gulf.

One of my Roadtrek Facebook pals, Pogo, has organized a small  “meet up”.  He and his wife have planned a few activities and a big picnic to show off their area on the Mississippi gulf – a place I haven’t visited.  He is very persuasive and has posted “teasers” to lure us pasty northerners down.  He suggested a small state park, near his home, where a few fellow travelers have reserved most of the spots.  A Frozen Few are coming all the way from Canada.  After the meet up, some of us may head east along the shore.  I’m not sure for how long or who is coming, but that is part of the fun.  Eventually, I will turn north (after visiting my artist friend, Jackie, who has a driveway for me in Clearwater) and head home.

When or by what route? Not sure. This is the fun of it.

Wanderlust has been around since, well since forever.  Humans have always been on the move; they just did on foot, horse, canoe, yak, or by covered wagon, pirate ship, blimp- however they could.  I recently participated in a genealogy study and found that my ancient ancestors came all the way from Asia and Africa.  So historically it’s really and truly in our blood. They did it, way back when, for food and shelter; while I do it mostly for good food (with a few gorgeous vistas thrown in) and bring my shelter along like a tortoise.

I am a rookie, as you know, and had these pre-conceived ideas that RVing was for old coots that wore Bermuda shorts and only stayed at RV parks with names like “Leisure Acres Retirement RV Village For People Who Like Shuffleboard a Lot”. (Actually, shuffleboard is pretty fun.)  But I’ve found that the RV community is a huge and very active, social club.  There are no dues or fees unless you want to join one of the hundreds of organized clubs (even those dues are minimal). These organized groups are great, because they’re usually run by happy volunteers who do much of the planning for you. They host dinners, games, activities, seminars, tours, and lots of “gab around the campfire” time.  Official rallies are a fine way to meet new people and share experiences.

Then there are the loosey goosey, unofficial meet-ups, which are also fun and likely not as big as the rallies.  You may choose to Get Away From It All and go out on your own to the remotest regions to commune with your higher self and be One with Nature.  Or, you may just hook up in your childrens’ driveway and spoil the grandkids rotten.

There are no rules about how to RV.  Long or short trips, busy or relaxing, it’s all good and completely flexible. Do what you want, where, with whom, by whatever means at your disposal, and when you want.   Which is my goal- a little bit of everything.  (And hopefully, plenty of sunshine.)Wanderlust - Here she goes again 2

Wonderfully- we are all ages, sizes, colors, opinions and professions. We can group up, thin out or do the “I vant to be alone” schtick.  Many people do it for work- following construction or temp jobs and some folks look for volunteer opportunities like Red Cross disasters.  Today we travel by large expensive motor homes (that are bigger than several of my previous apartments), all the way down to bike and tent.  In the Himalayas, I believe the yak is still used.Wanderlust - Here she goes again 3

So it’s down to the hospitable, sunny south where Vicki and Pogo are firing up the grill.  I’m bringing my appetite along with the map, camera and dog.  Good-bye pasty white and parka.  I’m getting my wanderlust fix.






3 Responses to “Wanderlust – Here she goes again”

February 17, 2014at2:55 pm, Judi Darin said:

Great article! I hope you have a fantastic trip. Post photos!
I also have the wanderlust gene – I’m planning a month-long trip for April, and after that a year-long trip starting mid-June. I dream about it at night, I day-dream about it during the day, and I make lists. Lists of thing to get done before April, and other things to get done before June.

February 15, 2014at8:34 pm, Campskunk said:

the weather down here isn’t perfect, but it is WAAAAY better than anywhere else in the 48 states. come on down and work on your tan 😉

February 14, 2014at10:20 am, Gary Hennes said:

We were just down on the Gulf Coast in late NOV – a reprise of some of our Katrina adventures in 2006. This time we took some time to do some “touriisty” things and visited the Stennis NASA museum. Fascinating – especially the bus tour inside the NASA rocket engine testing facility. It’s right on I10, 1st exit east of Louisiana.

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