Time to reserve your spot for our annual winter campout

 Time to reserve your spot for our annual winter campout

Tahquamenon Falls in winter

The time is here to reserve your space for our 4th annual Tahquamenon Falls winter campout, to be held the weekend of January 19-21, 2018 in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula.

This event is handled a little differently than our other gatherings. You make your reservation directly with the Michigan DNR site and pick your site from their reservation page at https://www.midnrreservations.com/

When you make your reservation, be sure to select the Lower Falls Hemlock Campground at Tahquamenon Falls State Park. As I post this, we have over 30 sites already reserved. That’s about what we normally get in other years so it’s pretty clear that interest in winter camping is on the rise.

If past gatherings there are any indication, you can expect two to three feet of snow on the ground.

The DNR folks plow out our spots for us and we spend the weekend snowshoeing, cross country skiing, taking dogsled rides, exploring the beauty of the snow covered forest, taking photographs of the beautiful waterfall in the winter and socializing around a giant campfire.

The snow gave this sign a hat

Camping in the winter isn’t much different than camping the rest of the year, except in two ways:

  1. We wear more clothes! Dress in layers, bring parkas, snowpants, boots, hats and mittens. Temperatures usually are in the teens, though one year it dipped to 5 below and last year, it was in the mid-30s. No matter. You’ll be warm and comfortable. The outdoor exercise and the fire make it surprisingly comfortable.
  2. Your RV needs to be winterized. That means you have run RV antifreeze (the pink stuff) through your plumbing system and fresh and grey water tanks. You use the toilet in the RV just like you do any other time but instead of flushing with water, you put in antifreeze. The general rule is whatever you deposit in the toilet is flushed with an equal amount of antifreeze.

Here’s a video recap of last year’s event:

There are no showers at the part in the winter and only vault toilets.

We eat at area restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights and do a lot of snacking around the campfire.

Our campsites are plowed out by the Michigan DNR

Once you sign up and have a confirmed reservation, let us know on our special Roadtreking Winter Freezeout Camping Adventure group on Facebook. Its a closed group, only for those who have reserved a spot at Tahquamenon Falls for that weekend., so you’ll have to request membership. Once approved, share with everyone your site number.

For Jennifer and me, this is probably our favorite gathering of the year. Scroll down to see some photos of past events.

It sure is pretty up there in January!
There is a lot of hanging out around the fire
Snowshoeing and hiking are favorite activities. The DNR even makes snowshoes available for our use
The snowshoe trail through the woods
It’s hard to beat the beauty of the woods in winter
A view of the Upper Falls

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