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  • I am seriously looking forward to getting the newsletter every Monday. I am ready for spring already!!!

  • Hi Roadtrekkers. I have a 2006 190 Versatile van and am looking for the two foldup bed platforms for the driver and passenger sides. These are the ones used when the two front seats swivel around to face the back seats. I want to get the ones specifically made for the Roadtrek due to their unique shape. I find them quite expensive if ordered new and wondered if anyone has any other sources. My email is : metzker51@mac.com

    • Our 2004 Versatile just has two hinged flip ups from the passenger seat lower drawers. Pretty easy to measure & make your own. Good luck!

  • I’m planning on RVing full time in about a year, with a border collie and two cats. Right now I’m researching to find out what I need. I’m looking forward to the newsletter and I’m very excited about starting my new life.

  • My husband and I are new to rv-ing. We bought a roadtrek e-trek last fall. We live in the wintry Midwest. We’d like to go some place warm in February. My question is; do you de- winterize some where below the frost line and then do the reverse on the way home? Thanks for the advice.

    • yup, that’s just what we do.

    • We have the RoadTrek 190 with 2 separate water tanks so just use ceramic heaters until we are ready to head South. Then hopefully not head back home until Spring!

  • Hello. I’m glad to be onboard on this site and facebook. We have been searching for a class B RV for sometime now and have decided (when the time comes) to go with a Roadtrek (not sure which model, so many good choices). Anyway we enjoy traveling and will enjoy RVing as well, and connecting with people.

  • Hi! We have had our used Class B for 2 years. Our Roadtrek has the center isle shower. The shower pan is the complete center isle up to the back of the front seats. Has anyone come up with a way to contain the shower water in a smaller footprint?

    • We roll up a towel right past the shower trough and then use it to dry the whole area afterwards.
      I’d like to hear more suggestions!

  • I remember Mike when he was a newscaster here in Detroit. We are facing retirement and are interested in RV travel. This summer, we are renting a class C vehicle to make sure this is what we want to do before investing in one. About 15 years ago, we took an extensive RV trip out west with our family and loved it! We are looking forward to getting lots of ideas and tips through this site. Thanks, Mike!!

  • hen I signed on it said you had a list of free overnight place to camp, but I can’t find the list. Does it exist or am i just lost.

    • Most WalMart, Cabellas and Cracker Barrels let RVs park for overnight.
      We have gone “Boon-docking” using these sites many times and haven’t had any trouble.

  • Hi Mike,
    I am new and would like to post some items from my 210 Popular. Where do I go to list the items I want to sell.

  • What are the ramifications regarding Mercedes dropping Roadtrek from their approved Master Upfitters?

  • We just ordered Alliance’s Paradigm 370fb 5th wheel. Based on some comments above, I’m wondering if the length differences betw a van & a 40’ rv will make a difference in some of your RV’g tips & site recommendations. Your thoughts?

  • Your wonder van has auto levelers…. i have a wonder van on order… that wasn’t an option??


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