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RV Sidetrip: Ride a Covered Wagon Along the Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail, and the ancillary trails that led from it, constituted the single greatest migration in America – consisting of as many as a half-a-million men, women, and children who traveled by wagon and by foot west for two decades in the mid-19th Century. There are lots of books on the trail and lots […]Read More

RV Photo Shoot: The Animals of the West

I've spent much of the past few weeks editing and distilling down the 2,800-plus photos I've taken on our western trips over the past couple of years and thought I'd share my top 12 favorite photos of  the animals of the West with you. I have truly embraced photography now as my main hobby and as we traveled […]Read More

Checking off the RV Travel bucket list

I'm about to check off a couple more items from our RV travel bucket list, trips that will take us coast to coast on a summer travel schedule that will have us going from Cape Cod to the Oregon coast, with numerous stops and detours along the way. The Cape Cod trip is from June […]Read More

The Beartooth Highway – RV Heaven

The Beartooth Highway is one of the more spectacular drives you can take when touring in your RV out west, comparable to the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park. It's a 1930s WPA project that opened access to the Yellowstone region from the northeast, and an impressive engineering accomplishment. Fortunately for us,  it's still in […]Read More

Laura Robinson: Ruka gets lucky and a near cliffhanger in Spud Country

I have been weaving in and out of the incredibly gorgeous Wyoming/Idaho border the last 3 days, working my way up north through the Caribou/Targhee National Forest. I came along Alpine Lake, then into west Yellowstone, north again to Mesa Falls.  Spending nights at National Park Campgrounds where the flowers are in full regalia, perfuming […]Read More

Tell me where to go: Help plan my RV trip to Wyoming

It's time to head west to Wyoming and, eventually, Yellowstone National Park. And this year, instead of repeating past routes, I thought it would be fun to get your suggestions, to crowd source our trip by drawing on the collected wisdom of our readers. In other words, tell me where to go. Here's the particulars: […]Read More

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