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How an Alde Hydronic System Works

The Alde system is being installed these days on more and more RVs, especially Roadtreks, so it might be useful to explain what an Alde system is and how it works. Follow along and be astounded by the ingenuity of this Swedish marvel, and how much easier it makes life for the Roadtrek owner.   […]Read More

Thanksgiving in Kansas City

There is no better public Thanksgiving Day tradition than the Plaza Lighting in Kansas City.  With thousands of spectators, entertainment, shopping, food and celebrities, no other city can touch this kick off of the holidays on Thanksgiving night. And after stuffing ourselves, it is a wonderful way to cap off the night. Of course I […]Read More

Winterizing – It’s Not as Complicated as It Seems

Few RV subjects get as much scrutiny and exhaustive analysis as winterizing – protecting your plumbing from freezing when you store your RV for the winter, or just want to take it into freezing conditions. Here's my take on it. I'm not an expert on winterizing – as a matter of fact, I winterized for […]Read More

Winterizing Part 4: Black & Gray Systems

This is Part 4 of our series on winterizing an RV. Part 1 covered draining the fresh water system, Part 2 was bypassing the water heater, and Part 3 was running antifreeze through all the fresh water lines. Now that the fresh water system has been winterized with antifreeze, only a couple things remain.  If […]Read More

Winterizing: Part 2: Water Heater Bypass

Note: This procedure assumes you have a Suburban Water Heater.  In Part 1, we drained the water heater and the fresh water tank. Winterizing is much easier if you have a water heater bypass. If you don't have one, we highly recommend adding one. It not only simplifies your life, it saves you the cost […]Read More

Roadtrek RV Winterizing: Part 1 – Draining tanks

(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the time to start winterizing our RVs. And when it comes to Roadtreks, it seems there are as many suggested ways to winterize as there are Roadtrek models. Lynn and Roger Brucker have put together a four-part series for us that applies specifically to their 1995 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Popular. Now […]Read More