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When Paths Cross: Humans and Baby Animals

With the return spring and warm weather, many RVers are back in the great outdoors, closer to Mother Nature and all she has to offer. Among those things are newborn animal babies. It raises a key question: what’s the best way to behave when we come across these little critters? For episode 137 of the […]Read More

From the Desert: What I Know Today

From somewhere in the Sonoran Desert… This is what I know today. It is thrilling to see desert big horn sheep in their natural habitat. Don’t sit on a cholla cactus. It is painful. Javalina are not always the most graceful of animals. I saw one slip down the surface of a boulder today. It […]Read More

RV Photo Shoot: The Animals of the West

I've spent much of the past few weeks editing and distilling down the 2,800-plus photos I've taken on our western trips over the past couple of years and thought I'd share my top 12 favorite photos of  the animals of the West with you. I have truly embraced photography now as my main hobby and as we traveled […]Read More