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10 Super Practical Reasons to Buy a Class B RV

Call them campervans. Call their style Van Life. Whatever you call it, Class B RVs are very popular these days. Here are 10 reasons to buy a Class B RV. The RV Lifestyle offers a lot of choices. From travel trailers, to fifth wheels to motorhomes, there is a vehicle to suit every style. And […]Read More

Small home, Big Yard

Like all motorhome owners, we give a lot of tours. It seems that whenever we’re on the road and stop, at a rest area or for fuel, someone comes over and starts asking questions. What they really want is a peek inside. So we oblige. I bet, though, that because we travel in a Type […]Read More

Keeping Cool in your Type B RV

Roadtreks and many Type B motorhomes come with the wonderful Fantastic Fan roof vent. It is truly a marvelous device for keeping your camper comfortable. You can fall asleep with the fan pulling a gentle cool breeze through the nearby window and know that the thermostat in the fan will shut off when it becomes […]Read More

A year in my Roadtrek

It's that time of year when we look back at the year now ending. For me, 2013 ended up being a great year for me after a rocky start. My step-father died Dec. 30th. He was a great man who had raised me since I was 9 years old.  I also had some mysterious tumors in […]Read More

The reasons behind the booming small motorhome market

Type B's and C's, the smaller versions of the rapidly growing motorhome market, are leading the way in the dramatic turnaround in the RV industry thanks to the ever growing number of Baby Boomer retirees used to active, mobile lifestyles. I've spent much of the past week here at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association's annual […]Read More

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