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Our Year of the Bo

Each year, as the regular camping season comes to a close, Jennifer and I usually reflect back on the year and give it a theme based on the place or experience or that most shaped our RV year. This year, we agreed, the most influential force for our RV journeys was Bo. Bo, of course, is our Norwegian Elkhound, […]Read More

Broken Down on the Road: My RV, Olga, Gets Sick

It’s 1:30 PM and I just settled into a lovely campground until I continue on tomorrow. I have the back doors open, looking out to a bear box, a bit of waterfall, and am listening to the rushing river. I’m at 7,000 feet just between Beartooth Pass and Yellowstone. But let me start from the […]Read More

Back to Nature: Florida Roadtreking and RV Fun

I am tired! The good kind. It’s been a busy time here at the “Back to Nature” rally in Crystal River, Fla.   I got here the night before the official start day. I usually don’t like long drives, but it was one of those days where I kept thinking, “it’s not that far, I can […]Read More

Quick Guide: Winter Roadtreking

Humpf!  The muffled noise stirred Lynn to full consciousness. Actually, she was only half asleep, having previously woken up cold and tried to roll over, but discovered she was pinned on her left side by one dog curled against her chest and another behind her knees. The 27-inch wide “single” beds in the Roadtrek were […]Read More

A Dog’s Life

Rambling Ruka Robinson here, on the road again, with my chauffeur/minion/BFF Laura. I love to travel and have already marked routes all the way to Idaho,Oregon, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Georgia and a few other states. Yes it’s hard work, I have to constantly drink plenty of water, but someone has to be able to […]Read More

Spontaneous Roadtreking

We’re the traveling trio- Olga, Laura and Ruka. Olga (stands for Old Ladies Get Aound)  is my comfy-ever-ready-super-cool-traveling machine that makes me feel a little bit like Dr. Who?, because I get in with my dog, Ruka, and we don’t quite know where we are going to end up or what’s in store. Take this […]Read More

Happy Holidays Any Time!

  Earlier this summer, Olga, my RT Adventurous, went to the RV spa for some revitalizing treatments and beautifying. She got 2 new uber batteries. The retractable step was repaired from when I’d hit a big piece of metal in Michigan. All the tanks were cleaned and a hole in the A/C cover was found […]Read More

RV Destination: The Fundy Trail

A big draw here on the Roadtreking blog are posts about RV travels -places to visit and things to see.  Since other reporters were already writing super travel articles we never tried.  Like many, we've created scrapbooks about our travels.  We can think of lots of favorite places we have been, some of which we […]Read More

Off The Beaten Path: Meat Cove

“Don’t miss Meat Cove!” It was a beautiful fall day on Prince Edward Island. We were talking to a couple who were full-timers in their Roadtrek. We were headed to Nova Scotia. They had just come from Nova Scotia. We had asked what we should be sure to see during our one week visit. We […]Read More

RV Travel with a pack of poodles

Mike has written about travels with Tai, Campskunk has written about travels with Fiona the fearless kitty, so I suppose it is time we write about our RV travels with Mark, Simon, Becky, Tate, Abby, and Farley.  Six, you say, six dogs in a camper van! Well not actually. Our beloved Mark is deceased, so […]Read More

Horseshoe Beach, Florida: A hidden little gem of a place

Horseshoe Beach, Florida What a little gem! This tiny, northwest Florida coast, fishing village of 300 year round residents, was established in 1935 by Burton Butler  and CC Douglas, who bought the land from a large lumber company for $324 and later sold lots to the other squatters for $10. It remains a quiet community […]Read More

The Journey

It’s the journey, not the destination… Although, this time, it’s both.  Ruka the Wonder Dog and I are headed to Silver Falls State Park, Oregon for a get together of 50 Roadtreks and to see my friend Ginny.   I am only taking 4 days to get there from Kansas City so it’s a lot of […]Read More

Traveling with dogs: Where do they stay in your RV?

We've traveled a lot in our RV this year with Tai, our 70-pound Norwegian Elkhound. Our Roadtrek eTrek is 24 feet long. He has two favorite places, on the floor up front beween the driver's seat and the passenger's seat while we are on the move, and back on the floor by the rear sofa […]Read More

RV Traveling with dogs

One of the main reasons people buy RVs is because they like to travel with their dogs. But the fact is, not all places are dog friendly. If you want to bring your pooch along, you need to make some adjustments. On our big Roadtreking Family Vacation of 2013 out west, we traveled with six […]Read More

The “Dog Divide” – Traveling with a dog in an RV

We have a dilemma as we prepare for a very long extended trip west in our Roadtrek: Should we take our dog, Tai, an eight-year-old , 70 pound Norwegian Elkhound? There are a lot of pros and cons and, beneath the surface, strong feelings among a lot of campers and campground owners. First, I need […]Read More