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5 Best RV Campgrounds in NC Mountains

Ready to hit the road to escape the hustle and bustle? Here's a list of the best RV campgrounds in NC mountains. Jennifer and I love to go off the grid near the Blue Ridge Parkway, but we also love the fun art galleries in Asheville. The mountains in North Carolina are the perfect compromise!Read More

Scary & Bizarre Mysteries in our National Parks

Legends, ancient curses, aliens, unsolved mysteries in America’s National Parks? Visitors had some spooky sightings and experiences over the last century, and for the brave and curious, they may even inspire your next RV trip. Read More

Best Glamping near Big Bend National Park in Texas 

Are you heading to Big Bend National Park this season? If not, maybe you should! I have compiled a list of all things recreational in Big Bend, from Big Bend glamping to nearby activities to enjoy. Complete with scenic drives, ranches, and overlooks, Big Bend National Park sees an average of 377,154 visitors each year.Read More

The Biggest RV Travel Weekend Ever!

It was nothing less than stupendous. More RVs traveled the weekend leading up to and including the Aug. 21, 2017 total eclipse of the sun than every before. It drew millions and millions of RVers to fields, farms, ranches, parks and campgrounds to witness the amazing event. So we did a one hour live special, […]Read More

Finally, Full Timing

Since the end of January I have been “on the road.” I have been on the run from my dentist. I remained in San Diego much longer than I expected. The dentist required some time. After a bit of whining I was given a reprieve and I headed east. I immediately met up with Mary […]Read More

Critter signs along the way

Over the last week, I've been organizing the thousands of photos I've taken over the past few years and noticed that I have a pretty good collection of animal crossing signs. Like a lot of people, I love seeing wildlife while roadtreking. Somehow, I started taking photos of them as we traveled. From there, well, […]Read More

National Peanut Festival in Dothan AL

Jennifer and I have a rule: When we pass by a small town festival, we stop. And so it was as we came upon the signs and the crowded parking lots of the National Peanut Festival in Dothan, AL. True, this one didn't have a former President as the town's chief booster, Dr. George Washington […]Read More

Bridges, Love Those Bridges

I have seriously fallen in love with bridges. I have always loved them, but now I have arrived at the point where I want to take a picture of each one I see. I have refrained. It is hard. I grew up in Delaware, the second smallest state in the nation. They have some really […]Read More

Roadtreking sunsets and an urge to hit the road

Roadtrekers love to take photos. And while our styles, skills and the things we like to photograph may vary, one thing I bet all of us like to get are images of a sunset. I’ve used these awkward days of spring before the warm weather travel season really gets underway to organize the thousands of […]Read More

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