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Meandering off the Interstates

“Not all those who wander are lost,” so wrote J. R. R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings. It is so true when it comes to traveling across the continent in our motorhome.. We love to meander, to take roads less traveled, off the Interstate. But even the Interstates are fun, especially out of urban areas. […]Read More

Travel Journal Apps for RVers

Remember the old cliches when people actually sent postcards from their travels? “Having a wonderful time. Wish you were here. There's something about taking a trip and seeing new places that makes us want to share it with friends and family. These days, instead of postcards, we can do it with a bunch of apps […]Read More

Travel Apps: Three More for your Smartphone

With brutal cold winter weather gripping much of the country, cabin fever has set in and it’s clearly time for a break. If you’re planning an early spring break RV getaway, I've found some travel apps you may want to set up on your smartphone to consolidate your planning and fun. I shared these on my NBC-TV […]Read More

Apps for the Open Road

I'm attending the big Family Motorcoach Association Reunion and Rally this week in Redmond, OR and just did a seminar called Apps for the Open Road in which I share some of my favorite apps and online resources for RVers. Now we RVers all have our favorite technology devices, with Android and Apple smartphones and […]Read More

Great Lakes Shoreline Tour – Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana

The one thing we have learned on this Verizon Great Lakes Shoreline Roadtreking Tour is that very often, a surprise is literally around the next corner. So it was when we got off the car ferry in Manitowoc, WI, directly across Lake Michigan from Ludington, MI As we made a right turn out of the […]Read More

Apps for on the road RV travel

The RV season is in full swing now with folks traveling to rallies, vacations and long weekend getaways. To help make those trips more fun and travel more convenient, I thought I'd share three more fun apps and web tools that I've been having fun with lately. This report was put together for my other […]Read More

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