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Solar Power Revisited: Adding Solar to an Older Class B

Two years ago we added solar to our then 18-year old Roadtrek 190 Popular. We followed the rule of thumb you often hear, “Add 100 watts of solar for every 100-amp hours of battery.” We had one 80-amp hour battery. After much research and a lengthy discussion with the vendor on requirements we bought an […]Read More

RT41: The New World of Unplugged RVing

When people started camping in their vehicles in the early 1900s, they really had one goal: to open up the world. They just wanted to see what they could see and even the most primitive RVing allowed that to happen. At some point, however, things changed. It became as important to take as much of your […]Read More

RT38: Energy Self-Sufficiency is the Future of Class B RVing

Our trip west could have turned out much different were it not for the technology that makes RVs like ours energy self sufficient – the kind of tech that provides a look into the future of Class B RVing. We can boondock pretty much anywhere, anytime. Case in Point: We didn't have a reservation for one of […]Read More

Upgrading your RV to solar power

Advances in power management and solar power have made big news in the RV world of late, especially with the new eTrek and CS-Adventurous models built on the Mercedes Sprinter chasis by Roadtrek Motorhomes. New and efficient power control and management systems have put these advanced new Class B motorhomes on many a wish list […]Read More

Shakedown cruise: Getting used to my new RV

We were deep in the piney woods of Southwest Georgia, a half mile off a red dirt road, parked in a small clearing not far from our deer blind. It was the last weekend of Georgia's months-long deer season and Matthew, who just took up hunting as any good Southern boy does, had invited me […]Read More

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