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The Best Snowbird Destinations for RVers [2021]

Want to thaw out in your RV? Here's our list of the Best Snowbird Destinations for RVers during winter. Are you looking for a great location to park your RV for the winter months? We've put together a list for you that will help with your planning. What is a Snowbird? You’ve heard the term […]Read More

Our 10 Top 2021 RV Travel Resolutions

It's time to make our 2021 RV Travel Resolutions! We challenge you to make as many of them yours, too. Who would have thought that 2020 would have been the kind of year it was? But with growing optimism that 2021 will once again see RVers on the road in close to pre-pandemic numbers, now […]Read More

006 RV Podcast: The Migration of the Snowbirds

It's underway – the annual migration of the Snowbirds , with an estimated 2-5 million RVers  heading to the South and Southwest. That's the featured topic in Episode 006 of Roadtreking the RV Podcast. Snowbirds typically spend three to five months in the warm climates. It's a dream lots of us have. We cover lots […]Read More

There’s a dusting of snow on my RV

The first accumulating snow of the season fell last night near my Michigan home and as I look out at my motorhome sitting on the driveway, I swear I hear it calling me to get out of town and get warm. Alas, as I look out, that's all I can do. Look. I'm standing with […]Read More