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RV Quick Tip: Carry Extra DEF

RVers with diesel powered motorhomes know all too well that the unwritten rule that says whenever you are far from anywhere, in the middle of nowhere, that is when your warning light pops on saying your engine is low on Diesel Exhaust Fluid. There seems to be, at least from our experience with several diesel […]Read More

Tips: Plan Ahead, Avoid Getting Stranded

While we love tips from Roadtreking readers and listeners the most, sometimes we offer you information based on our own experiences. That includes one of the times we had to be prepared for an emergency repair while on the road. We were in hot and humid Florida and navigating stop-and-go heavy traffic around Destin, which […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tip: Carry an Extra Serpentine Belt

My tip this week is about being prepared for emergency repairs while on the road. I share it because of an experience we had earlier this year. We were in hot and humid Florida and navigating stop and go heavy traffic around Destin, which was getting very crowded with vacationers flocking to the area’s beaches […]Read More

Power Steering Pumps and Serpentine Belts on Chevy Roadtreks

I'm replacing the power steering pump – again – on my 2003 Chevy 190 Popular, and took a few photos to show y'all a bit about the process. I'm getting good at this – it's the fourth pump that's been on there. This isn't really a reliability problem – none of the pumps have ever […]Read More

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