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RT43: Is Internet Satellite Right for Your RV?

For many, it's important to stay connected – even when we are in our RV in the middle of nowhere and there is no WiFi or a phone signal to take us online. Enter satellite Internet. It allows you to stay connected from just about anywhere you have access to the sky – with a catch or two that […]Read More

DIY & Gadgets: Adding Satellite Internet to an RV

If you are a regular reader of the blog or listener to the podcast, you've heard me reference my new satellite Internet system several times. I've promised a full report on what I have and how it works. So here, in photos and text, is the complete rundown. You might also want to tune in […]Read More

RVing Adventure: Escape from Yosemite!

We were noodling up US 395 in California's Owens Valley east of the Sierras, enjoying the dry climate and lack of crowds, when The Tour Director (that would be my charming wife) decided she wanted to pop over the mountains and go to Yosemite, so the bus driver (that would be me) snagged a couple […]Read More

Mike Has Gone Dark – No Internet Access

Well, Mike Wendland hasn't been heard from, and we're getting worried. It's not like his E-Trek came back to camp without him, but still, it's been almost two days and nary a peep. Last we heard he was in Montrose, CO and headed for the south rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a […]Read More

Search and Rescue Support, RV-Style

All I really wanted to do was hide out and avoid the excitement of the upcoming 4th of July weekend.  I failed. I've been camped for three days at the end of Forest Road 2124, a little spur off the Beartooth Highway on the plateau at 10,164 feet along the Montana-Wyoming border. Things were nice […]Read More

Mobile Internet Satellite for Your RV – Campskunk’s Experience

When I was planning how to configure our Roadtrek for fulltiming, I had in mind the design criteria my bride of 27 years had lain down: king sized bed with memory foam mattress, high-speed internet, 250 channels of HDTV, a live-in chef, and a well-stocked freezer and pantry with lots of snacks.  Everywhere we went. […]Read More

On-the-road connectivity is an issue

I've been largely pleased with using my iPad to create a Verizon wireless WiFi hotspot for on-the-road Internet. Until this past weekend, that is,  when I basically went off-the-grid in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. While I have had 3G connectivity in the tiny town of Grand Marais, it seems to go in and out as the […]Read More

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