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Stunning French Lick, IN – Off the Beaten Path

Exploring French Link, IN By Tom and Patti Burkett We heard from Tom’s sister that the West Baden Spa Hotel in French Lick, Indiana was something to see, so when we were in the area, we detoured to have a look.  The original hotel, the Mile Lick Inn, was built before the Civil War.  The area’s mineral […]Read More

Why do people buy an RV?

There are as many reasons why people buy an RV as there are places to camp. We love talking to people, online and in person, about why they bought the particular RV they did. And we love seeing their RVs.  Thats what we do in this video. And some of those reasons may surprise you. […]Read More

Camping fun in the snow

We had a ball camping in the snow in the rugged Upper Peninsula of Michigan at our annual winter campout this year. Twenty inches were on the ground, but the Michigan DNR folks had all our spots plowed out for us. Each site had electricity and everyone slept warm and cozy. Outside, we had a […]Read More

Ask Us Anything: RV Lifestyle Q&A

Here's the rewind of our latest Ask Us Anything live chat on the RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel. We share the release of our latest 7 Day Adventure Guide book, this one on Florida's Gulf Coast We talk about using an RV in the wintertime, as we'll son be doing at our annual winter meet-up camping […]Read More

Bo – Fun and Challenging RV Travels with a Dog

The Story of Bo We're dog people. If you know anything about us, you know that. Jennifer and I both grew up with dogs and since we married, we’ve always had a dog. When we started RVing in 2012, we had Tai, who was our third Norwegian Elkhound. When Tai passed away in 2015, we […]Read More

Ask Us Anything – Live from the Campground

We had a great time last night around what to us has become a sort of “virtual campfire” – our weekly Ask Us Anything live broadcast on the RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel where we answer your questions live each week as you enter them. Have you subscribed to our video feed yet? If not, please […]Read More

RV Rainout: The 8 Rainiest U.S. Cities

All eyes were on the south this weekend as the storm known as Barry (which briefly was a hurricane) delivered torrential rain to Louisiana and Mississippi. You might call it the unofficial big kickoff of the rainy summer season — something all RVers need to keep in mind while travelling. Obviously, there’s not much you […]Read More

🛡️ Do I Need An Extended Warranty For My RV?

It’s a simple fact of life for RVers: owning a rig means repair 🔧 costs 💰 on the road or not. Statistically, three out of every 10 RVs will breakdown by their second year on the road. This increases to eight out of 10 by the fifth year, and nearly every RV by the eighth […]Read More

How to Battle Mosquitoes While RVing and Stay Safe

It’s summertime, and a great time to be outdoors with one big, buzzing, bloodsucking exception: mosquitoes while RVing.   Of course, there is the overall irritation of “being eaten alive.” We've covered just how bad it can be in places like Maine and Michigan.   But mosquitoes while RVing can be much more serious.   […]Read More

Natural Wonders You Have to See

As RVers know, the world is full of amazing wonders of nature, just waiting for you to get out there and explore. Like you, we’re always on the hunt for these places, especially in the U.S. and Canada. That’s why it caught our eye when the folks at Travel Trivia came up with another of […]Read More

Best Dark Sky Locations for Stargazing

We enter a New Moon phase today and that means darker skies at night, and plenty of opportunity to truly marvel at the beauty of the universe — if you’re in the right spot. They’re called “dark sky” parks and they’re free from light pollution. In short, you’ll see the universe in a whole new […]Read More

How to Help a Dog Scared of Fireworks

Is your RV Dog Scared of Fireworks? The Fourth of July is upon us — time to relax and celebrate our independence, and for many that means RVing, swimming, barbecuing, fireworks and more. But don’t forget that to our dogs, the Fourth of July holiday is just another day — and one that can be […]Read More

The Importance of Staying Healthy While RVing

The RV lifestyle has a ton of upside, from meeting other RVers like you, visiting all kinds of amazing places across the U.S. and Canada, and much, much more. Unfortunately, there CAN be a downside: namely weight gain and unhealthy eating habits caused by a tendency to overindulge while in “vacation mode.” What can we […]Read More

Great Roadside Attractions Across the U.S.

From mermaids and a biscuit museum to whispering giants, a giant leg sundial and a giant paint ball, the RVLifestyle is always looking to bring you the best (or should that be “best”?) in roadside attractions. That’s why I took note when our friends at Travel Trivia recently published a story called “6 Greatest Roadside […]Read More

Five Bucketlist-Worthy Places Not On Most Bucketlists

As Jennifer and I travel the country, one of our favorite things to do is ask RVers about their favorite places to visit. While there are plenty of standard bucketlist destinations like Alaska or Yellowstone, we also get a fair share of more obscure places. Like the kind that you won’t find in the major […]Read More