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Bo’s first road trip

Bo is beat. We've just returned to our Michigan sticks and bricks home after a six week road trip. It was the first real trip for Bo, our now eight-month-old Norwegian Elkhound, and he is catching up on lost sleep. He loved every minute of it. That's Bo looking out the Roadtrek's window as we […]Read More

Me and Jen and a Dog Named Bo

We didn't ask for it. And when our three grown children surprised us with a new 10-week puppy last week as we celebrated Jennifer and my birthdays, let's just say the tears Jennifer shed were not tears of joy. A puppy? Arggggh! We're too old for this. But then…. well, if you're a dog person, […]Read More

From Hotels to an RV: Life on the Road with Two Dogs and a Cat

(Editor's Note) Not long ago, I met a couple from Atlanta who travel the country with two dogs and a cat. The story of how they came to be RVers was so interesting, I asked them to write a guest column. – Mike By Darryl and Taera  Like most things in our lives, we came […]Read More

RV Travel with a pack of poodles

Mike has written about travels with Tai, Campskunk has written about travels with Fiona the fearless kitty, so I suppose it is time we write about our RV travels with Mark, Simon, Becky, Tate, Abby, and Farley.  Six, you say, six dogs in a camper van! Well not actually. Our beloved Mark is deceased, so […]Read More

Travels with Tai

So far this year, Tai has had his hackles raised by a wolf in northeastern Minnesota, been terrorized by a Chihuahua and yesterday in Alabama, he came snout to snout with a horse. But when we arrived at Pogo's pre Mardi Gras “Smokin' on the Bayou” Roadtrek gathering in Gautier, MS, he seemed rather indifferent […]Read More

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