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Travels with the eTrek: A Photo Montage

Like a lot of RVers, I've been reviewing memories and photographs over the past couple of years. That's what we do during the down time: Go back and look at our photos and thus get excited by the places we'll be going once the weather arms up. If you're like me, I bet you have […]Read More

Roadtreking sunsets and an urge to hit the road

Roadtrekers love to take photos. And while our styles, skills and the things we like to photograph may vary, one thing I bet all of us like to get are images of a sunset. I’ve used these awkward days of spring before the warm weather travel season really gets underway to organize the thousands of […]Read More

Planning for the next RV year

Jennifer and I went to the local office supply store over the weekend and picked up a new planning calendar for 2014. It's one of those big, poster-sized ones with the entire year laid out in neat little blocks for each day of each month. It's erasable – a good thing with our propensity for […]Read More

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