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How to Mouse Proof Your RV – Keep those Rodents Out!

Many RVers whose RVs are in storage for the winter discover that while it's been sitting there unused, the RV has had visitors – mice!! Here's how to mouse proof your RV. We have heard so many sad stories of mice getting into an RV and literally destroying it. Between chewing up wires, burrowing inside […]Read More

RV Quick Tip: Three apps to help care for your pet

We love our pets, but everyone knows it can be a big job to be a responsible pet owner. Alas, you are not alone as a number of apps can act as your own personal assistant. These apps are great for RV travelers. Tractiv's Dog Walk app is an exercise tracker for dog walks that […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tip: Clean your RV Window Screens with a Lint Roller

We have been on the road now for most of the sumer and one thing that is starting to get a little dirty is my RV window screens. Mostly there are seeds, those fuzzy kinds, that seemed to be everywhere in certain parts of the country, but also some small bugs. Taking out the screens […]Read More

Shower Caps: A must-have RV item!

This tip came via email from a listener to our RV Podcast named Donna, who wanted to share a tip on an inexpensive item that she has found extremely handy. Donna writes: “Hi Jennifer. I really enjoy listening to your and Mike's podcast. I have a tip of something I'd like to share with your […]Read More

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