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13 Essential Tips for RV Storage

This article gives you 13 essential tips for finding and using the best RV storage, as well as what kind of RV storage you need to protect your RV.   As the temperatures drop and Summer turns to Fall, some RVers are already migrating South for the Winter.  Others are starting to consider storing their RV […]Read More

Ask Us Anything: We answer your questions live

We had lots of fun questions on our weekly Ask Us Anything live YouTube broadcast last night. We talked about: The results of Mike's healthy living program and weight loss so far Our plans to visit RV Open House in Elkhart, IN this week Rumors of a cool new piece of technology being introduced by […]Read More

Jennifer’s Tips: Shoe Bag Storage

Storage in RVs is always at a premium raising one key question: Where do we keep all the things we need? My friend Peggy Bechtel offered a great tip that I’m happy to share with you. Simply pick up a shoe bag and a good ol’ fashioned tension rod (like the kind for curtains) and […]Read More

Our RV Space Program: Space Makers & Space Killers

Space is at a premium in any Class B RV. Our experience with our own 190 Popular Roadtrek and visiting many other Class Bs is this: It pays to think seriously about the space you have, and how to make it feel bigger. For us, we saw two kinds of space — apparent space and […]Read More

How We Roll: Where We Store Stuff

There's never enough room. That's the first thing about RVing we all think when we start RVing, isn't it? But there really is. No matter what size RV we have, we all want to bring too much stuff. Once we discover that, it's a little easier to pack the essentials. Still, some times, you need […]Read More

Mini Office for Your Class B

At times on the road we need more than a laptop computer – we need an entire office. The need arises to scan something or print something or even just to staple pages. There's no escape from the technology we're used to having at our fingertips.  We carried a little photo printer for awhile which […]Read More

Organizing your RV Exterior Storage

Roadtreks are blessed with lots of storage, but unless you keep it organized there will never be enough space.  The older Roadtreks have one or more compartments with a fiberglass door and a rubber hinge.  By the way – keep an eye on that hinge.  They will eventually fail, and it is best to have […]Read More

How to unclutter your RV

We have discovered the one all important guiding principle that more than anything determines the success or failure of an RV trip: There needs to be a place for everything and everything should be in its place. When we first began our RV travels, we took everything. Sometimes two of everything. Both Jennifer and I […]Read More

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