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Another kind of RV Camping: Luxury RV Resorts

The motorhome lifestyle comes in a lot of different flavors. Most of our experience has been on-the-go, traveling, sightseeing and most often, boondocking or dry camping far off the beaten path and away from civilization. But there is another way to enjoy your motorhome by experiencing motorhome resort communities meant for longer stays and offering luxury, peaceful […]Read More

If headed to Florida, better learn Pickleball

Actually, amend that headline. Pickleball is everywhere. In fact, its leading proponents claim it is the fastest growing sport in North America.though verifying that is not easy to do. But there is no doubt that the sport, invented in 1965, is now hugely popular, particularly among retirees and in campgrounds, RV resorts, retirement communities and […]Read More

Okeechobee – A Texas cowtown in the middle of Florida

I didn't know what to expect when I pulled into Okeechobee, FL  but I can defiately say that I didn't expect it to remind me of West Texas, right down to the city calling itself  “Cow Town.” But this is a western style town in the middle of the sunshine state, it's dry and windy […]Read More

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