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S’More Chocolate Pudding Regular or Vegan [RV Recipe]

If you like to have a sweet treat available for dessert or a snack while camping… S'more Chocolate Pudding is an easy one to put on the menu plan.  For convenience:  You can purchase ready made refrigerated and or the shelf stable type to store in your RV fridge or pantry and then kick it […]Read More

RV Recipe: Apple Pear Compote

This week's RV Recipe is Apple Pear Compote, an awesome side dish for any meal…in the Rv or at the home kitchen table. The practice of preserving apples by cooking them down in a sugared water solution and a little lemon juice or vinegar to make a sweet yet savory chunky compote actually dates back […]Read More

RV Recipe: Bread and Butter Pickles

Our RV Recipe this week is lip-smacking good Bread and Butter Pickles! But let's start with a tongue-twister: We all know the saying ‘Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers… and could likely guess how many packs of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked…. but was Peter Piper making his own jar of homemade […]Read More

RV Recipe: Bruschetta

Late summer is perfect for an RV Recipe of Bruschetta.  Enjoy these fresh ingredients as an appetizer or even the highlight of a light main meal.  There is only a moderate amount of rinsing of the produce and chopping and this RV recipe is something that can be easily done at the campsite. Where to […]Read More

Weird but tasty RV Recipe: Grilled Lettuce Salad [TRY IT!]

Grilled Lettuce Salad???  YES… this RV Recipe is a tasty choice for a main or side dish when you are planning to fire up the BBQ or grill on an upcoming RV Adventure.  Sometimes simple dishes with a  slight ‘twist' in how the dish is prepared can be a refreshing change and add another layer […]Read More

RV Recipe: Unbelievable Curry Dip

Here is a very tasty RV Recipe for curry dip that will truly  “knock your socks off”! A few simple ingredients can come together and make a magical, memorable curry dip appetizer to enjoy on your next RV camping outing.  Whether you are looking for a few small bites to enjoy with a glass of […]Read More

RV Recipe: Grilled Baked Potato

This week's RV Recipe is for a special camping meal treat – Grilled Baked Potato. This tasty RV recipe and go right on the grill at your campsite.  Grilling whole baked potatoes over indirect heat takes 30-55 minutes (depending on the size of the potatoes and the heat of the grill).  Pierce the clean raw […]Read More

Hot and spicy RV Recipe: Instant Pot Chicken Verde

This dish is perfect for making a mildly spicy Mexican chicken dish that creates a luscious sauce.  I have made various versions of this recipe depending on the ingredients I'm able to obtain easily.  This is my most basic version but to tell you the truth simplicity is just fine with this dish and everyone […]Read More

RV Recipe: Stuffed Sourdough Bread

  This RV Recipe is really a meal in a loaf that can be prepared in the RV or made ahead of time and brought along with you on a camping adventure.  Add a side salad and your dinner is complete.  I have made this delightful RV recipe by baking it in the convection oven […]Read More

Dreamy Lemon Pie – Yummy RV Recipe

Here's a simple RV recipe for a homemade lemon pie – simple to bake whether you are at home or in your RV.  Our RV Lifestyle reporter and chef, Mary Jane Curry knows how to come up with something yummy! This recipe comes together in a snap using a few pantry items and some fresh […]Read More

Argentine Shrimp and Jalapeno Poppers

RV stovetop will make this luscious dinner a breeze!  Other cooking methods that will work to cook this dinner and are just as easy are portable grills or campsite grills. Serves 2 Ingredients 6                raw whole jalapeno peppers 8 tsp         cream cheese 3 slices […]Read More

Surefire RV Recipes: Skillet Naan Bread

Fresh Naan bread can be made on the stovetop in your RV Galley or in a cast-iron skillet on an outdoor grill.   Not a lot of fuss!  Naan bread is very versatile… use the bread as a pizza crust, a sandwich wrap, soft taco shell, or enjoy with a drizzle of garlic butter as […]Read More

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