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RV Podcast 327: RV News and Helpful Travel Tips during the Pandemic

This episode of the RV Podcast has the latest RV News, RV Travel tips about moving around the country during the pandemic and shares a great off the beaten path spot in Montana. You can listen to the podcast in the player below or through your favorite Podcast app. Scroll down this page for shownotes […]Read More

RV Podcast 326: Parked RVs Bring Police Response

In the wake of the Nashville RV bombing of Christmas Day, a jittery public has been reporting parked RVs spotted on city streets, sending police to check them out. We’ll talk about that and why now may not be a good time for RVers to leave their units unattended on city streets in this episode […]Read More

RV Podcast #325: Thor Buys Tiffin and Christmas Wishes from our Audience

The RV Podcast's big new this week is the announced $300 million purchase of Tiffin Motorhomes by the giant Thor Industries, which already is the largest RV manufacturer in the world. The purchase absorbs one of the few remaining independent family-owned RV makers, run by the Tiffin family of Alabama whose luxury motorhomes are known […]Read More

The Fabulous 2021 Florida RV Supershow is ON for Jan 13-17

After a year of RV show cancellations because of COVID, the RV Show season is set to roar back next month with the 2021 Florida RV Supershow in Tampa Jan. 13-17. Here's what to expect: Because the Florida RV Supershow is mostly outside, organizers say they are confident that social distancing, wearing masks inside the […]Read More

RV Podcast #318: RV Questions and Monster Stories for the campfire!

Questions! We get RV questions! And we have Monster stories to tell around the campfire! This week on the RV Podcast, we answer the most recent RV questions you’ve been asking about the RV Lifestyle as our Interview of the Week.  And in honor of Halloween, we have Monster Stories for the campfire from Patti […]Read More

Ultimate Harvest Host Review on what to expect

Curious about Harvest Hosts? Here's our ultimate Harvest Host review featuring a podcast interview and videos of what you can expect at a Harvest Host location. By now, everyone's heard of Harvest Hosts, that awesome membership service that lets RVers stay overnight for free at leading wineries, farms, golf courses, and tourist attractions. But it's […]Read More

RV Podcast #280: How to have Less Junk, More Journey

This week in the RV Podcast, we learn about having Less Junk and More Journey from Marissa and Nate, a young couple with a very popular YouTube channel who fulltime in their RV with their young children. It all started in an effort to declutter and downsize Show Notes for Episode #280 Feb 5, 2020 […]Read More

Tips: Best Time of Year to Visit 15 Popular National Parks

When it comes to enjoying the splendor of America's 62 national parks, RVers know there's never a bad time to get out and enjoy them. That being said, we're guessing that many of our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers would be interested in the very best time to visit the parks.  Fortunately, the team at Best […]Read More

What to Know About RV Financing

Buying an RV is the second most expensive purchase most of us will make in a lifetime, second only to the cost of a home. Financing an RV, be it new or used, is the way most people can swing it. But there are a lot of ins and outs when it comes to RV […]Read More

The Absolute Worst Day to RV This Holiday Season

More Americans than ever on record – 115.6 million – will travel this holiday season, from Saturday, Dec. 21, through Wednesday, Jan. 1, with a “perfect storm” of holidays occurring in a relatively short time frame.  Here's what the week looks like: Hanukkah starts the evening of Dec. 22 (a Sunday) and ends the day […]Read More

RV Podcast Ep 225: DIY your own campervan RV

Have you looked at RV prices lately? They are through the roof. Expect to pay well over $100,000 to buy a new Class B campervan. Even $150K is not that unusual and some of the super high-end ones are closer to $200,000. Those high prices are one reason why lots of RVers are making their […]Read More

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