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Please Don’t Water Your AGM Batteries

Class B owners are a diligent bunch. They want to do maintenance to head off problems. This is very commendable, but there are occasions when you can maintain your unit to death. One such area is AGM batteries. For the past four years, Roadtrek has provided AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries as standard equipment. These […]Read More

What Makes a Good RV Salesperson?

Yesterday I took my cute little Roadtrek SS Agile to the Service Department at Holland Motor Homes in San Marcos, CA. It is at the RV hospital. I have been having issues with a leak behind the bathroom that very inconveniently drips onto my bed. Recently I discovered rust spots on the roof. Rust on […]Read More

What’s Underneath Your Roadtrek?

Sure, it's nice to look at the shiny paint and lovely interiors of these new Roadtrek models, but the real exciting stuff for us technogeeks is what's underneath. Since you probably don't have a lift in your garage, I'll show you what the bottom of a Roadtrek looks like, and go over some of the […]Read More

How to Get Debris Out of your Chevy RV Ventilation System

Here's a quick tip for those of you with recent Chevrolet models. If you park anywhere near trees sooner or later you'll hear strange noises when you turn on your heater or air conditioning – leaves have made their way into your ventilation system and are stuck in the fan. This makes various noises, none […]Read More

Power Steering Pumps and Serpentine Belts on Chevy Roadtreks

I'm replacing the power steering pump – again – on my 2003 Chevy 190 Popular, and took a few photos to show y'all a bit about the process. I'm getting good at this – it's the fourth pump that's been on there. This isn't really a reliability problem – none of the pumps have ever […]Read More

RV Curtain Repair

The temperature outside is in the negative digits as we ready the Roadtrek for a trip south.  All those little things that we have been put ting off since the last trip need to be dealt with now.  Adjusting the closet latch, replacing the shower curtain, cutting a piece of Reflectix for the stove vent, […]Read More

Organizing your RV Exterior Storage

Roadtreks are blessed with lots of storage, but unless you keep it organized there will never be enough space.  The older Roadtreks have one or more compartments with a fiberglass door and a rubber hinge.  By the way – keep an eye on that hinge.  They will eventually fail, and it is best to have […]Read More

Winterizing – It’s Not as Complicated as It Seems

Few RV subjects get as much scrutiny and exhaustive analysis as winterizing – protecting your plumbing from freezing when you store your RV for the winter, or just want to take it into freezing conditions. Here's my take on it. I'm not an expert on winterizing – as a matter of fact, I winterized for […]Read More

Winterizing: Part 3 – Antifreeze In Fresh Water System

Note: Third of four parts. In Part 1 we drained the fresh water tank and the water heater. In Part 2 we bypassed the water heater.  Also, some blow out the plumbing with compressed air.  Roadtrek Corporation advises against doing this. In this part we look at the fresh water system.  And when it comes […]Read More

A Cure for the RV Window Blues

I love the windows in my 2003 Chevy Roadtrek, but they sure don't love me. The windows in the front, side, and rear doors are what came from Chevrolet, but the side rear windows are bought by Roadtrek and other RV upfitters and installed as part of the conversion process. It's a wonderful design – […]Read More

My Ice Cream Won’t Fit! On the Road RV Freezer Defrosting

About the 3rd week of a road trip we begin to have problems fitting stuff into the freezer.  It has been slowly filling up with frost for weeks.  But when the cartoon of ice cream doesn’t fit anymore we are desperate to fix the problem!  We dreaded doing this on the road, but on our […]Read More

Do Your Own Chevy Maintenance – Chassis Lube

Unlike those effete passenger cars with their sealed steering components, your one-ton Chevy van has grease fittings which will prolong the life of your suspension parts if lubricated at appropriate intervals. Unfortunately, that 18 year old kid down at Jiffy Lube probably doesn't know or care where all the grease fittings are – they're different […]Read More

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