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The Mysteries of the RV Water Pump

Water pumps in Class B RVs, or pretty much all RVs for that matter, are just about the same. The basic design was developed back in the middle Cretaceous and hasn't changed within living memory, because it doesn't have to – it does the job. What I would like to do is demystify this device […]Read More

Observations: When Things Go Bad on the Road

We return from most trips with a short list of things to do or fix. These are seldom anything to interfere with trip enjoyment, but little things to make life on the road better or more comfortable. Things like a bungee cord across the inside of the closet at latch level to prevent a stray […]Read More

Painless Refinishing of Your Older RV’s Wood Cabinets

Our Roadtrek has oak cabinet doors and some oak interior trim. The cabinet walls are mostly a plastic oak veneer over plywood. The lower kitchen cabinets on our 20-year old Roadtrek had some water spots and discoloration.  Several years ago, Roger refinished the two kitchen drawers and the under sink cabinet door so they looked […]Read More

RV Awning Tips and Tricks

Most Class B campers come with an awning already installed. It resides in its own garage on the right side above the door and it cranks out from the side of the vehicle. Our third-hand 1995 Dodge Roadtrek 190 came with two self-contained support poles at each outer corner and a third support pole stored […]Read More

Tips: Upgrade Kitchen Lighting Easily

When we bought our 1995 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Popular the kitchen had one feeble incandescent light, so it was too easy to serve the garbage instead of salad. We remedied that by replacing the light bulb with an LED array that fit into the same fixture. That was some better. It saved electricity. Then we […]Read More

Broken Down on the Road: My RV, Olga, Gets Sick

It’s 1:30 PM and I just settled into a lovely campground until I continue on tomorrow. I have the back doors open, looking out to a bear box, a bit of waterfall, and am listening to the rushing river. I’m at 7,000 feet just between Beartooth Pass and Yellowstone. But let me start from the […]Read More

How to Handle The Smell of Hot Electrical Stuff While RVing

Almost every trip we learn something and have something new and different to fix. Multiple opportunities to learn new stuff.  Mostly minor stuff, but sometimes not. On our last big trip, most everything worked perfectly until we started toward home. The chassis blower motor quit (in the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel). The weather had finally […]Read More

DIY and Gadgets: Adjusting RV Turn Signal Sounds

“Roger, is the turn signal still on?” Lynn had detected a faint tick tick as we cruised down I-65 at the speed limit in our 1995 Dodge Roadtrek. We had changed lanes a third of a mile back. The partially hidden green blinking light and the faint tick tick was easy to miss. And our […]Read More

DIY: How to Get the Best RV Seats in the House

“I'm the one with the bad back,” Roger said, when Lynn complained of a sore seat while driving. Our 1995 Dodge 190 Popular Roadtrek has more than 160,000 miles on it, and it seemed that somewhere around 120,000 miles and 17 years the seats started to get uncomfortable. We love our Roadtek and are not […]Read More

Just Like Old Times: A Stop at My Old Repair Shop

  I had to return to Gainesville, Fla., the scene of my misspent youth, for a dental visit before we hit the road, and on a whim I dropped by the auto repair facility where I used to work back in the early 1980s before I finally gave up, finished school, and became a pencil […]Read More

Spontaneous Roadtreking

We’re the traveling trio- Olga, Laura and Ruka. Olga (stands for Old Ladies Get Aound)  is my comfy-ever-ready-super-cool-traveling machine that makes me feel a little bit like Dr. Who?, because I get in with my dog, Ruka, and we don’t quite know where we are going to end up or what’s in store. Take this […]Read More

Please Don’t Water Your AGM Batteries

Class B owners are a diligent bunch. They want to do maintenance to head off problems. This is very commendable, but there are occasions when you can maintain your unit to death. One such area is AGM batteries. For the past four years, Roadtrek has provided AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries as standard equipment. These […]Read More

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