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My Fun and Expensive Trip to the Tire Store

After four years and 56,000 miles, it was time to replace the tires my Roadtrek Sprinter came with. I have a long one-ton chassis in my CS Adventurous, which means dual rear wheels, and I had been fortunate to have the original Continental tires that were supplied with the new vehicle wear evenly and uneventfully […]Read More

Replacing the Green Hose on a Sprinter

Well, I put it off as long as I could, but I need to hit the road for the season soon and I needed to replace my green wastewater hose. What I have found is that this is a fairly rugged hose, as long as you don't pull on it too hard. It has a […]Read More

Sprinter Starter Repair

My Roadtrek CS Adventurous is over three years old, and I'm starting to get a few things that let be know it's not showroom new anymore. A couple of weeks ago I had a slow crank (motor turns over slowly, but eventually starts) on the way to Gamble Rogers State Recreation Area.  When we got […]Read More

Roadtrek Sprinter Electric Step Repair

  One annoying thing that happened while I was in Europe was that my electric step quit working. A quick peek underneath revealed that the actuator, the shock absorber shaped electrically powered thing that extends and retracts to move the step, had come loose at one end because the hole the bolt goes through had […]Read More

Swapping Out the City Water Connection on Your RV

Ever since I winterized my Roadtrek in Antwerp prior to putting it on the boat back to America, I have had an annoying slow leak at the city water connection, the fitting where you attach the hose when you're hooked up to city water. Part of the winterizing procedure is to pop the check valve […]Read More

Tough Choices in the Life of an old RV

Our Roadtrek had been running great. We had passed our 200,000 mile service with no issues. Our transmission had been rebuilt at 172,000 miles (a bit short of the expected 200,000 miles) and was ready for at least another 172,000. Several friends and acquaintances were approaching 300,000 miles – which is the expected life for […]Read More

Is My Battery Charged?

“What is wrong? My battery was low, so I turned on my generator, and 20 minutes later the battery was full, so I turned off the generator. But 20 minutes later my battery is low again!”  We have seen questions like this for years from new RV owners. Most likely there is nothing wrong with […]Read More

On the Road: Microwave Replacement

Why don't things quit working before we hit the road? We had just headed out in our winterized Roadtrek for a 10 day trip when we found the microwave oven would not work. We checked the outlet and circuit breakers and fiddled with the door latch on the 22 year old Panasonic microwave. It was […]Read More

Fixing Glycol Leaks in Alde Systems

First of all, you probably won't have to do this on your Roadtrek. For one thing, Roadtreks with Alde systems have a six year warranty. Well, except for my Roadtrek. When I left the factory, they said if I ever had problems, I could get all my repairs done by the nearest Roadtrek Service Specialist. […]Read More

RV Tire Inflation on the Go: Portable Air Compressor

When we purchased our used Class B motorhome it needed new tires. The tires had plenty of tread but had “aged out” at over 6 years of age. In addition a close inspection revealed small cracking in the sidewalls. Our local tire shop had several options for the correct Load Range E tires our camper […]Read More

Tail Lamp Assembly Replacement on Sprinter vans

I had a slight accident and cracked the lens of my tail light on the passenger side of my Sprinter last week, but rather than get all upset about it I started looking around for a replacement to see how expensive and difficult it would be to replace it myself instead of turn myself in […]Read More

RV Toilet Seal Replacement

It was a hot fall day when we first noticed the smell. There was no doubt about the source – we had dumped far too many black tanks to have any question. The odor definitely came from the toilet. We checked the blade seal on toilet flap. Yes, it held water in the toilet bowl […]Read More

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