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6 Super Easy Tips on How to care for RV Solar Panels

We're often asked how to care for RV solar panels and what we have to do to keep them working. The answer is… hardly anything. They really take care of themselves, pretty much. I'm not the sort that likes to do unnecessary maintenance. So when it comes to solar,  all I do is clean them […]Read More

IMPORTANT: Why you need to Exercise an RV Generator [FAQ]

It sounds silly but one maintenance task many RVers forget to do is to exercise an RV generator. It's a simple process that will ensure many years of reliable service. Here's how to do it: To exercise an RV generator means running it, under load, at least once a month.  And despite what you may […]Read More

How to Do Your Own Chevy RV Maintenance – Oil Changes

(NOTE: This is a post originally filed here by Campskunk, a fulltime Class B RVer who, at the time, drove a Roadtrek campervan on the Chevy chassis. Since that was such a popular chassis for RVs and many are now looking for used ones, we thought an update to this post would be helpful for […]Read More

Think Like a Mechanic and Save on Repairs

I know many of you Roadtrek owners are feeling a bit apprehensive now that the company is no longer in business, worried about getting repairs done, but take heart. There's a surprising amount of things you can puzzle out yourself and save big bucks on repairs. Let me walk you through a problem I just […]Read More

New Upholstery for my Sprinter Seats

I tended to “accumulate” things as I swung by the factory periodically, and one of the things I got was a new set of seat upholstery for my two (and only) seats. A year ago I bought some aftermarket foam-backed cloth covers that go over the original seat upholstery, so the need wasn't pressing, but […]Read More

Chasing a Plumbing Leak in my Sprinter van

I had an eventful day solving a problem I always dreaded – a water leak in my Class B Sprinter campervan. The water pump was coming on briefly every 15-20 seconds, no matter how much I tried to get all the air out of my system. It could have been just a bit of debris […]Read More

Replacing the Sprinter Blower Fan

This is an easy repair that I did as part of my over-the-winter maintenance work while I'm driveway camping in Florida. I had ordered the motor last July so it was sitting here waiting for me when I arrived. I had been having problems with the original fan motor since shortly after I got my […]Read More

How to Test a Battery Isolator

Nearly every motorhome owner will at sometime experience a charging problem with their house battery. Note that even if you have two (or more) house batteries we will use the single term battery in this article.  It is important to be able to do some basic troubleshooting yourself to fix the problem.  Your will need […]Read More

Getting ready for a long season of travel

We're off for a long summer season of travel that will see us and our RV crisscrossing the country. We've spent the last couple of weeks getting the RV and ourselves ready. That meant tire rotation and rebalancing, an oil change and new fuel filter, topped off fluids, safety checks and routine maintenance for the […]Read More

RV Podcast 192: Preventive Maintenance Every RVer Needs to Do

When it comes to maintenance and do-it-yourself repairs of your RV, are you a bit intimidated Are you, like me, not exactly the most handy of handymen? If so, and even if you are comfortable doing things mechanically, listen up because in this episode, we’re going to talk to a top service technician about preventive […]Read More

How to Remove Your Sprinter Galley Blind for Cleaning

It wasn't on my list of things to do before we hit the road in the next week or so, but I have always wanted to clean the blind on the windows behind the galley in my CS Adventurous. Three and a half years of two or three meals a day is a lot of […]Read More

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