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RV Podcast #203: Finding Great Places to Overnight with Harvest Hosts

Lots of us have had it with crowded campgrounds. And we resent having to pay $30 bucks and up for a simple overnight stay. But then, we’d like something a little better than a Walmart parking lot. Sure, there are alternatives. But just for overnight, finding a dispersed camping spot in a state or national […]Read More

RV Podcast Episode 202: Is your RV water safe to drink?

In this episode of the RV Podcast we look at the hidden dangers of campground water supplies and the water in your RV’s fresh water tank. There are concerns that bacteria and E.coli contamination are much more prevalent in RV water systems and that without proper filtration you and your family could be at risk […]Read More

RV Quick Tips: Easy way to level an RV

It can be a pain finding a level spot when parking your Class B RV for the night. You stop, look at the angle front to back, side to side. Maybe walk back and use a level of a smartphone app. Then back to the front to put the RV in gear and repeat the […]Read More

Using our RV for Tailgating

We're down in Southaven, TN, just outside of Memphis, TN this week, watching our grandson, Jacob, 12, play in the Dizzy Dean League Word Series on a team coached by our son, Scott. Man, it it hot. The temperature has been over 100 very humid degrees for several days. That's why we're glad we brought […]Read More

Theodore Roosevelt National Park and the Medora Musical

In the Badlands of North Dakota hard up against the Montana border, is the sprawling Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is one of our favorite places to hike and explore and we visit it every year. Here's why we love it so, where we stay and a peek at some great entertainment in the area […]Read More

RV Quick Tip: Bring your garden with you

We start a new series today that will appear every Tuesday called RV Quick Tips. These will be very sort, practical little tips we pick up as we travel, perhaps abut a useful product or service that will be useful to RVers or perhaps, like today, it is an idea that will enhance your RV […]Read More

Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands

At the southwestern end of Lake Superior, just off the coast of Wisconsin, is a collection of islands known as the Apostle Island National Seashore. And a great way to see them is by boat, on a four hour excursion tour that is well worth your time. Jennifer and I rolled the camera on our […]Read More

RV Podcast #200 – How to stay safe from lightning while camping

On this 200th episode of the podcast we talk about a very serious issue – lightning and the particular dangers it poses to campers and RVers this time of the year. Lightning is nothing to take for granted as is all too evident by simply following the news. Campers are injured or killed by lighting […]Read More

Glacier National park

Here's the video of our recent Roadtreking gathering at Glacier National Park. We had drama, adventure, excitement, entertainment and even a wilderness Tea complete with fancy hats. Check out this video on our week at Glacier… and while a moose did indeed come very close to us on a hike, the one in the video […]Read More

RV Podcast 199: How to Write a Book in Your RV

In this episode, an interview with a best-selling author on something that a lot of RVers are interested in: Writing from the road. We’ll help you scratch that creativity itch that traveling unleashes in all of us. Who know, you may have a best seller just waiting to come out in you RV, just like […]Read More

Episode 198: Top 5 must-visit RV places you never heard of

A fun and helpful podcast episode is in store for you this week as we look at Five Top Must-Visit RV Places that you have never heard of. As Jennifer and I have traveled the country this summer, we’ve been asking RVers to give us a report on their absolute favorite places. We expected them […]Read More

Ask Us Anything – Live from the Wisconsin Dells

Here's another “Ask Us Anything” Live Report, this one recorded from the road in Baraboo, WI in the heart of the Wisconsin Dells as we were retrning to our Michigan home from a trip to Montana. We had people watching this live on our RV Lifestyle Channel on You Tube from all across the world! […]Read More

Roadtreking’s 2018 Glacier Gathering

All of America's National Parks are treasures. But when it comes to beauty and the sheer drama of the landscape, Glacier National Park has to be at the top of any list. That's why we returned there with one of our Roadtreking gatherings for the second year in a row, staying at the Chewing Blackbones […]Read More

Serendipity travel with no reservations

We love Serendipity Traveling…with no reservations and no set-in-stone agenda. That's our preferred RV Lifestyle method of exploring. Come along with us on a beautiful day in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as we meander from Lake Michigan to Lake Superior. Granted, there are times when we are on a schedule and have to be somewhere at […]Read More

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