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RV Podcast 214: Is your RV overweight?

Is your RV overweight? Are you overweight? In this week’s podcast we talk to our friends James and Stef from The Fit RV about the importance of weighing your RV to make sure it is not overweight, and thus unsafe for the road. Too many RV manufacturers send their RVs out dangerously close to the […]Read More

RV Podcast 213 What does the RV Lifestyle mean to you?

The RV Lifestyle means different things to different people. This week, we’ll hear from a collection of RVers we just met at the ongoing California RV Show about the many different ways they use and enjoy their RVs and what part of the lifestyle they enjoy the most. Plus lots of RV News, RV Tips […]Read More

RV Podcast #212: You’re Never Too Old! 

One of the things we RVers invariably ask ourselves at some point is, “How long will I be able to keep on doing this?” Well this week, in our interview of the week, we're going to hear from an RVer who says, “As long as you're moving, you're never too old.” Plus, a report on […]Read More

Hershey RV Show 2018 Video Recap

There were just under 60,000 people attending the Hershey RV Show this year, officially named America's Largest RV Show. And while RV shows in Pomona, CA and Tampa, FL would argue that, there's no doubt Hershey is HUGE and always a a major industry event that sees the introduction of many new RVs and related […]Read More

RV podcast #209: America’s National Parks in Crisis

America’s National Parks are in crisis. A growing near $12 billion backlog of desperately needed repairs and maintenance is seriously affecting America's National Parks. Inadequate federal campgrounds and deteriorating or closed roads, bridges and facilities negatively impact visitor experiences and RVers in particular. In our interview of the week, we talk to Chris Bornemann, Senior […]Read More

RV Podcast #208: Is the RV Lifestyle Making You Fat?

Today’s interview has to do with weight gain and unhealthy eating habits and examines the way the RV Lifestyle can contribute to both. For me it’s true confession time. And from this week forward, I’m going to do something about it. This week, you’ll meet Dr. Jason Olafsson, whose Custom Health Centers have helped more […]Read More

RV Podcast #207: Before you buy an RV, have it inspected

Next to our house, buying an RV is probably the most expensive purchase you will make in a lifetime. When buying a house, it’s normal to have it checked out by a home inspector. Do you realize you can do the same thing with an RV? In this week’s RV interview of the week, we’ll […]Read More

Ask Us Anything: We answer your questions about the RV Lifestyle

We had a great time answering your questions on the latest edition of our “Ask Us Anything” LIVE show on the RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube. Among topics from this edition: Is it safe for a woman to travel alone in an RV? What's the best way to take in an RV show? What is […]Read More

Must See: The Little Bighorn National Monument

On the way back east from Yellowstone National Park, we took some time off the road to discover the serene beauty of southeastern Montana and learn more about the historic battlefield of the Little Bighorn, also known as Custer's Last Stand and The Battle of Greasy Grass. It's a dramatic place of great drama and […]Read More

RV Podcast Episode 206: See your campsite before you reserve it

Ever booked a campsite that sounded great when you read the description only to be very disappointed once you arrive? This week…coming up in our RV Interview of the Week, we’ll learn about a free service that lets you see photos and videos of campgrounds and even individual sites. Also this week, we answer a […]Read More

Making Reflectix look good

We've talked many times before about using Reflectex in RV windows for insulation and privacy. Today we talk to Sharon McCarragher, who made her Reflectix insulation into panels that not only provide maximum heat insulation and privacy at night but they also look good! Read More

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