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RV Podcast #320: How to Plan an RV Trip [THE BEST TOOLS]

There can be a lot of stress when you start to plan an RV trip. But I want to share a series of unique tools that greatly streamline your RV Trip Planning. Jennifer and I have been using a tool called RV Trip Wizard to help plot out our RV travel routes and stops for […]Read More

Why are so many fulltime RVers calling it quits?

We're hearing about it almost every day now: fulltime RVers who calling it quits, coming off the road, and moving back into sticks and bricks houses. What's going on these days? The answer is complicated.  Because there are lots of reasons, all made worse by the realities of the 2020 pandemic. Most recently and perhaps […]Read More

3 Critical RV Bad Weather Tips

RVers need to follow these bad weather tips when severe storms are in the forecast As I am writing this blog, tropical storm Isaias is heading for the East Coast.   RVers along the Eastern Coast of the United States are bracing and wondering what steps to take during impending bad weather.  Watching the weather and the […]Read More

Essential Newbie RV Advice: Just For Men

Time for some Essential Newbie RV Advice For Men aimed at smoothing out the bumps of RV travel and getting along with your wife or significant other in your RV  This is Mike, writing some newbie RV advice just for men. Jennifer offered her newbie RV advice for women in a previous post. Now it's […]Read More

Warm Weather? On the road again

Jennifer and I are back on the road looking for warm weather on another long trip – 3 months this time around! But boy, is it cold out! We were in Arizona two weeks ago and it dropped down to 28 degrees one night in the desert. We feel like we're bringing the cold weather. […]Read More

A serendipitous detour in the desert: The Castle Dome Mining Museum

We love traveling serendipity style and running into out of the way museums. When we find something that catches our eye, we're more than willing to change directions and check it out. That's what happened in Arizona the other day when we saw a sign for the Kofa National Wildlife Reserve and the Castle Dome […]Read More

RV Podcast #281: A reality check about the fulltime RV life

It’s time for a reality check about fulltime RV Living. This week you’ll meet Kevin and Laura of Chapter3Travels.com, who have been fulltime RVers for nearly five years now and are known for telling it as it is. We’ll have a great discussion and talk candidly about why so many fulltimers come off the road, […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: Homestead National Monument

Driving across Nebraska on highway 4, it’s hard to miss the big building sitting at the top of the hill.  From below, it looks like a plow blade cutting through the prairie soil.  And, of course, that’s exactly what the architect intended.  The visitor center at the Homestead National Monument brings together stories and artifacts from across the continent […]Read More

Three Totally Awesome Harvest Host Overnights

We've really been using our Harvest Hosts membership this summer. We had to share the last three spots we overnighted in a video. The video recounts our experience at a winery in New York, a farm and brew house in Pennsylvania and a golf course in Michigan. We had phenomenal views and had total peace […]Read More

Getting Around Big City Traffic in an RV

Some of the best RV destinations come with city traffic. Here's how to get around it! When we began the RV Lifestyle, my one big goal was to avoid traffic jams as best as possible. And that meant, avoiding big cities.Read More

Small towns off the beaten path enrich us all

By Tom & Patti Burkett Off the beaten path travel is all about small towns. The last generation highways and two-lane roads that wind through every state go right down the main street of every county seat, shipping terminal, and stringtown strip built since we began to travel on four wheels. Transportation, too, has had […]Read More

Announcement: Why we have changed from Roadtreking to RV Lifestyle

Jennifer and I want to announce a big change for us: We have removed ourselves as on-the-road ambassadors for Roadtrek and have arranged the return of the van they provided us. We want to explain why we have taken this step and to stress that although Roadtrek and it's corporate owner are going through some […]Read More

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