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Review of Nomad Internet for RV travelers

We tried Nomad Internet in our RV and came to really appreciate the fact that it is unlimited and unthrottled data. We tested Nomad Internet last summer and came away impressed by the service. The company has specialized in providing reliable, high-speed cellular Internet service to rural areas all across America.  Our experience was it […]Read More

How We Roll: Tech Use While on the Road

Every week we get at least one question about how we use technology while traveling. In this edition of How We Roll in our RV, you get to see the way I stay connected all the time. Updating this blog, our Facebook Page and Facebook Group, plus the newsletter, means I need a reliable connection […]Read More

Understanding data usage and the MiFi data card

Staying in touch while RVing is a challenge we all face. And a key tool many of us end up acquiring is a data card that lets us set up our own Wi-Fi networks to connect our various tablets and computers to the Internet. True, many of today's tablets and smartphones have a feature that […]Read More

Adding a Cell Phone Booster for my on-the-road RVing

One of the challenges of being on the road so much and doing a blog like this is being reliably connected to the Internet in a whole bunch of different places. I've been a huge fan of the Verizon Mi-Fi card and the network's strong nationwide footprint of 4G connectivity. It very reliably gives me […]Read More

Mobile Internet Satellite for Your RV – Campskunk’s Experience

When I was planning how to configure our Roadtrek for fulltiming, I had in mind the design criteria my bride of 27 years had lain down: king sized bed with memory foam mattress, high-speed internet, 250 channels of HDTV, a live-in chef, and a well-stocked freezer and pantry with lots of snacks.  Everywhere we went. […]Read More

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