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Getting around big city traffic

If there's one thing I dislike about RV traveling it's getting stuck in traffic jams around big cities. Back in my working journalist days for newspapers and TV stations, that was the bane of my existence. Each morning, it was an hour commute to get to work. Returning, it was often longer. And if the […]Read More

36 Hours of RV driving in the rain

Well, that was an experience. We just returned to our Michigan home from a three month long trip that took us through 16 states and the Canadian province of Manitoba. We left Thursday from Florida's Emerald Coast and planned to leisurely follow our 330 Rule the way back. Little did we know that the three […]Read More

Documenting Drives: Why I Use a Dash Cam

A lot of weird things happen out there on the road and there also is some great scenery. So I'm now making a record of it all with a dashboard camera (dash cam). A dash cam was the very first accessory I bought and installed in our new Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL and now that […]Read More

Tis the season again – Be careful out there

It's been a long and busy week with two big road trips this past week  – one in the Roadtrek eTrek to Kitchener, Ontario and a visit to the Roadtrek factory for some video work, the other to Pittsburgh, PA on another video project. While the Kitchener trip was blessed with great weather, the Pittsburgh […]Read More

Driving my RV GoPro video

I use a lot of cameras while we travel North America in our Roadtrek RV. One of my favorites is the GoPro Hero, a very tiny high def camera that I can mount to the side of my vehicle, wear on a bike hemet or attach to just about anything. The folks who make the […]Read More

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