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Where Boondockers are Welcome to overnight Free!

This week on the RV Podcast we learn one of the best kept secrets for finding free places to overnight, Boondockers Welcome, which offers some 2,000 locations across North America where RVers can stay for free! Show Notes for Episode #267 Nov. 6, 2019 of The RV Podcast: WHAT MIKE AND JENNIFER ARE UP TO […]Read More

There’s always a Way!

This week in Episode 266 of the RV Podcast, we’ll meet Len and Sherrie Johnson, a remarkable California couple with quite a story to tell us, a story of a devastating injury from an airplane crash and a determination to embrace the RV Lifestyle afterwards despite the obstacles. You’ll be inspired by this couple! But […]Read More

Podcast 265: Why Electric Bikes are so popular with RVers

This week on the podcast we are going to learn about the booming popularity among RVers of Electric Bikes and out special guest is Ty Collins, the marketing director of Rad Power Bikes. Regular listeners know that Rad Power Bikes has been a loyal sponsor of this podcast for years now. But my interview with […]Read More

RV Renting School: Your RV can pay for itself

.This week we learn all about RV Renting School, which is a way to earn money with your RV –  so much money, in fact that your RV can actually pay for itself. We’ll talk about the ins and outs of renting your RV, choosing insurance, wear and tear and why this option is a […]Read More

How to find the perfect camping site this weekend

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from RVers is how difficult and expensive it is to find an RV camping spot, particularly without advance reservations. People are always surprised to learn that, very rarely do Jennifer and I make advance reservations. Yet we almost always find a great spot, whether boondocking or in a […]Read More

Frank Conversations about RV Frustrations

It’s time for some straight talk: The RV Lifestyle is not as idyllic as you may dream it is. At times it can be quite frustrating. We surveyed our RV Podcast Community and in this episode, we’re going to tell you what bugs RVers the most and what can be done about it! Plus, we’ll […]Read More

Chautauqua Lakeside – a very special place

Come with us to the Lake Erie shoreline in Ohio and experience Chautauqua Lakeside, a 143-year-old gated summer community that began as a campground and still is one today – along with hundreds of charming cottages, recreational, spiritual, educational and entertainment activities. Our experience was very positive as you can see in the video below. […]Read More

Why RVers should join a national fitness club

Over the past seven years as we’ve traveled across North America in our RV, in small towns and large cities, we find an Anytime Fitness. And while this is the club we’re members of, this video isn’t meant as a commercial for them. It’s meant as a tip that inspires you to join a place […]Read More

Ask Us Anything weekly live stream

We had people from all over North America as well as the UK, India and Australia checking in on our weekly Ask Us Anything live stream on our RV Lifestyle Channel last night. Besides sharing our upcoming travel plans, we answered questions on everything from choosing the best RV, to finding great boondocking spots to […]Read More

Livin’ the dream!

Many of us plan and dream about pulilng up roots, selling the sticks and bricks house and going fulltime in an RV. But what’s it like? A little scary, to be sure. But also very rewarding, as our guests this week share in an Episode we call… Livin’ the Dream. We met this couple last […]Read More

Should you join an RV club?

This week we talk about RV Clubs and why you may want to consider joining one. We talk about their many benefits, including their efforts to help us find and preserve free overnight places to camp by promoting a Good Neighbor policy. Our guests are the people who run one of the most popular and […]Read More

RV Podcast 238: What RV Shoppers Want

This is the peak of the RV Shopping season as RV shoppers across North America narrow down their selection and make their purchases. So, what exactly are RV shoppers looking for? In our interview of the week, we’ll talk to a group of them and learn what features are most in demand. Also this week, […]Read More

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