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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and Tips on Preventing it in your RV [SAVE THIS!]

Carbon monoxide poisoning in an RV is a very real danger. Learn the symptoms and ways to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning while using your RV. Much too often,  Carbon Monoxide Poisoning claims the life of RVers who went to bed thinking all was well…but never wake up. Carbon monoxide is the RVer's biggest […]Read More

1 Safe Short Camping Trip – in our RV again!

Man, it is good to be traveling again. We didn't go far, from Northwest Florida to Southwest Georgia. And we didn't stay long, just one night. But we got away for a quick camping trip that provided a welcome change of pace from the lockdown blues. Georgia and Florida have both greatly relaxed their coronavirus […]Read More

Observations: RV Long Enough and You’re Home

I have been traveling since May 17. Today is the first day I feel like I am not on vacation. Today I feel like I am living in my RV. What makes today different? I am not sure but it might have something to do with the fact that I am staying in one place […]Read More

Finding free places to overnight in your RV

See the LATEST post on Free Camping right HERE There's a real battle going on out there in the RV world and it pits some powerful interests against those who resent paying for services they don't need and only want to take advantage of the generous offers of places like Wal-Mart, Cabella's Cracker Barrel and […]Read More

KOA re-brands itself according to facilities and amenities

One of the biggest surprises we had last year in our travels was with KOA – Kampgrounds of America. On our trip west and then on other meanderings over the season, we had the opportunity of staying at about a dozen KOA campgrounds across the U.S. They were all good experiences, to be sure, but […]Read More

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