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40 Really Helpful Apps for RV Travel

Everyone knows how useful apps can be for daily living, but apps for RV travel can really come in handy on the road. From finding a place to stay to documenting your journey, chances are you will find more than one app that fits your needs. That’s why I thought it was time to update […]Read More

Ten Apps every RVer needs to have

The camping season is here again and we can help! We rely heavily on apps to help us get from place to place, to find the right spots to camp and to find things to do out there on the road. So we want to show you our favorite 10. Now we use the iPhone […]Read More

Apps to keep track of everyone

One of the challenges about RVing and camping is keeping track of everyone, be it on a hike, at the campground or at an RV rally or gathering. Turns out there area number of apps that can help make that a heck of a lot easier. Most of the apps are aimed at parents and […]Read More

Our Top 10 favorite apps for the road

Perhaps the biggest change we’ve seen in our six years of very active RVing is the role apps for our smartphones and tablets have come to be essential tools of our motorhoming lifestyle. All of us have traveling apps like All Stays (www.allstays.com) to help us find campgrounds and dump stations and RV-friendly Walmart overnight […]Read More

Apps to help you keep track of mileage and maintenance

Maintenance and repairs are important for anyone who drives an RV, but keeping track of it all can be a pain in today’s hectic world. But using the right app, however, can make it much less of a hassle. The MyCARFAX app tracks repair and service history for up to five vehicles. That includes oil […]Read More

Dump the printed books, use apps to find RV camping spots

Hot doesn’t begin to describe what August in the Badlands was like. The dashboard thermometer read 101 degrees and as we drove out of the Badlands National Park towards Interior, SD, the two lane blacktop shimmered with heat waves that even kept the area’s healthy rattlesnake population hunkered down in their burrows. We approached a […]Read More

My Three Favorite Apps to Find the Best Gas Prices

Fuel prices haven't been this low un years. That, of course, is spurring lots of RV sales. But there is still a big disparity between pricing at various stations as you travel around the country. So having a reliable app to check prices as you travel is a big help. Here are my Top Three […]Read More

New Apps that RVers Will Enjoy

Apps. There are so many apps that empower our smartphones and tablets to do new and creative things that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them.  This week, I have three new apps that you may have missed that you will surely want to add to your RVing collection. The coolest photo enhancing app […]Read More

Weather Apps for RVers

No matter what kind of RV we have, one thing that we are all interested in is the weather. Nothing affects traveling more. Across North America, the cold weather is coming fast and that means snow and ice and dicey weather conditions. Thanks to apps, tablets and the Web, you never again need to wonder […]Read More