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Spontaneous Roadtreking

We’re the traveling trio- Olga, Laura and Ruka. Olga (stands for Old Ladies Get Aound)  is my comfy-ever-ready-super-cool-traveling machine that makes me feel a little bit like Dr. Who?, because I get in with my dog, Ruka, and we don’t quite know where we are going to end up or what’s in store. Take this […]Read More

Happy Holidays Any Time!

  Earlier this summer, Olga, my RT Adventurous, went to the RV spa for some revitalizing treatments and beautifying. She got 2 new uber batteries. The retractable step was repaired from when I’d hit a big piece of metal in Michigan. All the tanks were cleaned and a hole in the A/C cover was found […]Read More

The Painting of Sprinter-based Roadtreks

The Agile and Adventurous Roadtrek models are on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis, and part of the transformation from bare-bones chassis to finished motorhome includes painting parts or all of the chassis as delivered from Mercedes. Here's how the painting operations fit into the rest of the manufacturing process. Take a look at a chassis waiting […]Read More

What Makes a Good RV Salesperson?

Yesterday I took my cute little Roadtrek SS Agile to the Service Department at Holland Motor Homes in San Marcos, CA. It is at the RV hospital. I have been having issues with a leak behind the bathroom that very inconveniently drips onto my bed. Recently I discovered rust spots on the roof. Rust on […]Read More

What’s Underneath Your Roadtrek?

Sure, it's nice to look at the shiny paint and lovely interiors of these new Roadtrek models, but the real exciting stuff for us technogeeks is what's underneath. Since you probably don't have a lift in your garage, I'll show you what the bottom of a Roadtrek looks like, and go over some of the […]Read More

Birdwatching and Exploring at two Florida State Parks

When I do plan my trips, which is about half the time, I like the ALL STAYS app.  I can find state, national, BLM and private parks to camp.  They have links to websites, routes and maps, phone numbers and general info. Best of all, I can switch to satellite imaging and look at the […]Read More

On an RV Road Trip you better be ready for the unexpected

In the immortal words of Roseanne Rosaennadanna,  “It’s always something!” A Roadtrekking friend, Pogo, invited a bunch of us (Facebook: Roadtreking the Group), down to his place in Gautier, MS for a Mardi Gras get together, and I decided this would be a wonderful way to kick off the 2014 travel season.  Plus, I have […]Read More

Cycling with an RV

  Meet Cindy. My cycling fiend- I mean friend. She is all about pro cycling. We watch the Tour de France every year, but in between, she watches all the other big races and knows every statistic and name out there. You could say it’s her passion, but it’s more like an obsession! Her husband, […]Read More

Sprinter RV lineup joined by new Roadtrek CS Adventurous

A major reason for the huge spike in Class B motorhome sales over the past year or so is the Mercedes Sprinter, a rugged and flexible van that offers RV makers all sorts of customization opportunities. Roadtrek Motorhomes is about to introduce a new full sized Sprinter model, joining its popular RS Adventurous and the […]Read More

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