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Is your RV Ready for winter?

With winter and cold weather now a reality for many who live in northern states and Canada, its time to make sure your RV is ready for winter. There are lots of different approaches. I've used three different methods in our six years of Roadtreking. The one I now use is discussed in the first […]Read More

RT20 Roadtreking RV Podcast: Campfire Talk, Q&A and Must-See Destinations

In this episode of the Roadtreking RV Podcast we take you to the snow-covered woods of Upper Peninsula Michigan for a winter campout and we answer lots of listener questions about camping and RV travel as we share some knock-your-socks-off destinations that belong on your bucket list. Plus, we meet a young couple who have […]Read More

Quick Guide: Winter Roadtreking

Humpf!  The muffled noise stirred Lynn to full consciousness. Actually, she was only half asleep, having previously woken up cold and tried to roll over, but discovered she was pinned on her left side by one dog curled against her chest and another behind her knees. The 27-inch wide “single” beds in the Roadtrek were […]Read More

8 Simple & Easy Ideas to Make Small RV Life More Comfortable

If you're the new owner of a new or experienced Class B you are probably figuring out how to outfit it for travel. The tendency is to bring too much. Regularly review what you took last time – if you haven't used it in a few trips – leave it at home.  Also, part of […]Read More

Keeping Cool in your RV – More fun with Reflectix

We recently wrote about the use of fans to stay cool in hot weather.  And in the past we've mentioned the value of Reflectix – that wonderful insulation that looks like reflective silver bubble wrap – for keeping warm during cold winter nights in our Roadtrek. Reflectix is equally valuable for keeping cool on hot […]Read More

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