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Solar Power Revisited: Adding Solar to an Older Class B

Two years ago we added solar to our then 18-year old Roadtrek 190 Popular. We followed the rule of thumb you often hear, “Add 100 watts of solar for every 100-amp hours of battery.” We had one 80-amp hour battery. After much research and a lengthy discussion with the vendor on requirements we bought an […]Read More

Stow Away an Inflatable Kayak in Your RV

In a few weeks we will start a six-week trip to the western United States, so we have been discussing how to pack a kayak in our Roadtrek RV. The last time we drove west we saw lakes and calm rivers that we would have loved to paddle if only we had a boat. Ingenious […]Read More

Unconcealed Carry: How to Take Your Bikes When RVing

Many Class B RV travelers enjoy taking their bicycles or motorcycles along with them while they travel. It is rather easy to bring your bikes if you have set up to carry them safely. The chief safety issue is weight. Most bicycles weigh under 30 pounds, so carrying two on the rear or front is […]Read More

Cody, Wyoming: RV to The Perfect Dose of Western Culture

After my lovely Olga got her new oil pan and coolant hose in Colorado Springs, I bade farewell to my gracious hosts, and was on my merry way to Cody, Wyoming. There, I was to meet up with a few of my favorite Roadtrekers. I drove up to Glendo State Park, about 100 miles southeast […]Read More

Broken Down on the Road: My RV, Olga, Gets Sick

It’s 1:30 PM and I just settled into a lovely campground until I continue on tomorrow. I have the back doors open, looking out to a bear box, a bit of waterfall, and am listening to the rushing river. I’m at 7,000 feet just between Beartooth Pass and Yellowstone. But let me start from the […]Read More

DIY and Gadgets: Adjusting RV Turn Signal Sounds

“Roger, is the turn signal still on?” Lynn had detected a faint tick tick as we cruised down I-65 at the speed limit in our 1995 Dodge Roadtrek. We had changed lanes a third of a mile back. The partially hidden green blinking light and the faint tick tick was easy to miss. And our […]Read More

How to Make an Older RV Boondock-Ready with Just One Battery

You may have read about Mike Wendland’s and Campskunk’s field testing fancy new Roadtrek CS Adventurous XL models with a gazillion amps of lithium-ion batteries and ungodly large inverters and acres of solar panels on the roof with envy. And you may be thinking that boondocking (camping with no hookups) is beyond what you can do […]Read More

RV Side Trip: The Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine in West Virginia

A great out of the way stop is the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Museum in Beckley, W.V. We discovered it about five years ago and have returned many times since on our way to and from points east. Beckley is about 60 miles south of the state capital, Charleston, on the West Virginia Turnpike. […]Read More

Tips: Entertaining in Your Class B RV

At least half a dozen times in the past year we have invited guests into our camper for coffee and ice cream or a even a dinner. Sometimes these are friends we've known for years, other times complete strangers who happen to be camping nearby. We find this easy to do because our van camper […]Read More

Tips: Home Water Works Everywhere

When our RV water pump stopped working, we didn't switch to champagne.  We just traveled like we do when we are winterized.  We use several water bottles filled at home and stored in our camper. We fill and take along these bottles every trip. Two store away bottles hold 3 liters each. Those ride in […]Read More

Bead Fatigue and Other RV Thoughts From the South

Random RV thoughts on the south: It’s been one month on the road in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana, mostly along the gulf coast. – It’s so great, that even animals have fun. I’ve seen gators sunbathing and big otters playing in estuaries. I’ve watched dolphins cavorting in the early morning. Deer and raccoons have been […]Read More

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