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How To Be The Kind of Camper Campground Hosts Want

I am finishing up six weeks, off and on, at Kirk Creek Campground in California's Los Padres National Forest. This premiere campground is famous worldwide for its beautiful location overlooking the ocean at Big Sur and is open year-round, with online reservation availability ensuring that it stays full most of the time. So how did […]Read More

Bumming Around Big Sur

We are back out on the Pacific Coast Highway after spending all of last summer in Europe, and we sure are glad to be back. This is our old familiar summer routine we have done for several of our years on the road, and it never gets tedious. The Pacific is the mother of all […]Read More

Summer’s Over on the Oregon Coast

  Well, we strung it out as long as we could, but it's becoming apparent that our summer on the coast is coming to an end. Four days with no sunshine at all, and lower temperatures, mean that the seasons are changing and it's time to move on. We got out here the first week […]Read More

Blackberries Along the Pacific Coast Highway

If you spend much time along the Pacific Coast Highway (and we do) you are sure to notice the profusion of blackberries growing along the roadside. By the time we get out here in April they're already blooming -white, five-petaled flowers with just a hint of pink – and as the season progresses they set […]Read More

A Walk on a Northern California Beach

Beaches here are different from my native Florida; most of the shoreline is lined with cliffs, and the beach itself, the sand part, sort of starts and stops, with sand in coves and river mouths, and none out on the headlands. I decided I had sat around long enough so I grabbed the camera and […]Read More

Boondocking the Pacific Coast Highway North of Ft Bragg, CA

Finally! After over a month of working our way up the California coast from Cambria on Highway 1, the Pacific Coast Highway, we've hit a stretch where you can honest to goodness boondock – camp right on the side of the highway overlooking the ocean. There were spots here and there north of Santa Cruz […]Read More

Navarro Beach Campground in California

We have just finished up ten days at a beachfront campground on the California coast that has been a favorite of ours for years – Navarro Beach. It's part of Navarro River Redwoods State Park, a park located in the narrow valley formed by the Navarro River. Highway 128 winds up from the coastal highway […]Read More

Awesome camping on Bodega Bay

Bodega Bay is one of those absolutely perfect California camping destinations By Campskunk We are moving up the coast from the San Fransisco metropolitan area and are getting back out into the wide open spaces, but it's still populated enough to make true boondocking impractical. So I reconciled myself to the fact that I'd have […]Read More

Two Weeks in Big Sur’s Kirk Creek Campground

Sharon and I just wrapped up a most wonderful experience, camping right on the Pacific Ocean in the middle of Big Sur. For two weeks. It has really been beautiful and relaxing and restorative and everything else we could ask for, so let me give you a little background about Kirk Creek National Forest Campground […]Read More

Out to the Ocean – Paso Robles and the Pacific Coast Highway

Our spring launch this year was always going to be a long slog – we had resolved to go straight out to the Pacific from Florida, where we had spent the holidays with family so close to the Atlantic that we could hear the surf on quiet nights. We had left the Pacific coast early […]Read More

I Missed the Pacific: Back Camping by the Big Water

Following the Montana Roadtreking Photo Safari, we hung around for a few days in the area, but both Sharon and I knew we had unfinished business to tend to, and would soon be back on the road again, west to the ocean. It had been a long time since we were there. The last time […]Read More

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