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At the Oregon Meet Up

  I left KC 6 days ago and drove like mad, across 4 states to Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. It’s just below Portland in the Santiam state forest.  I usually don’t like marathon driving, but I did 33 hours and 1, 846 miles in 4 days.  Why, you may ask?  It was to […]Read More

Yan’s Roadtrek Get-Together – Day 2

Saturday was an unstructured day, true to the vision of our spiritual leader, Yan. Everyone woke up, had coffee, and wandered off in different directions to explore the area, or just hung around and entertained themselves and each other.  Nobody's running around with a clock and a schedule organizing activities. People socialized, napped, and just […]Read More

Yan’s Roadtrek Get-Together – Day 1

We packed up Friday morning and headed inland to Silver Falls State Park for the weekend Roadtrek Get-Together organized (and I'm using the term loosely) by Yan Seiner, our spiritual leader and T-shirt designer. Over the coastal mountains and down into the Willamette Valley we drove, away from the coolness of the coast and up […]Read More

Goodbye to the Ocean

We're spending our last few days on the Pacific coast before we head inland to Yan's Roadtrek gathering this weekend, and it's with a certain nostalgia that we look out over the water, knowing we won't be back for months and months. Although we travel all over the continent in our class B RV, we […]Read More

Autumn Comes to the Coast

It was more of a feeling than anything specific you could put your finger on last week – I was out before dawn here on the Oregon coast, and looked up to see winter stars – Orion hanging above the brightening eastern horizon. That I could see stars was unusual in itself here. Most mornings […]Read More

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