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RVing Ontario’s Huron Shore

I made up a weak story about field testing some prototype equipment and my cruel taskmaster Jim Hammill bought it, so I managed to escape for a few days from the Roadtrek factory where I have been confined for the past several weeks. Seeking open spaces and wanting to get away from the crowds, I […]Read More

Selkirk Provincial Park in Ontario

I managed to escape the Roadtrek factory for a weekend of R&R, and wanted to head to someplace nearby that would allow me to enjoy nature in solitude. Thanks to our exploration of Ontario provincial parks last May, I knew just where to go – Selkirk Provincial Park on Lake Erie. We left Kitchener and […]Read More

Campskunk: Our Adventures in Southern Ontario’s Provincial Parks

The wife and I found ourselves in southern Ontario with time to kill and wanted to see the sights, but were dismayed by the high price of camping in Canadian government-run parks. National and provincial parks (analogous to state parks in the States) charge $35-40 a night for camping, which is more than our limited […]Read More

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