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The Tupperware Museum: Off the Beaten Path in Florida

It seems there's a museum for everything. Have you heard of the Tupperware Museum? It's a pretty fascinating place. This article on the Tupperware Museum in Florida is from Tom and Patti Burkett, who report on off the beaten path spots they discover as they travel the country in their RV. You can hear them […]Read More

Small town tales: The Headless Chicken of Fruita, CO

Off the Beaten Path, there's a lot of fascinating small town stories in America. Take the case of Fruita, CO, and a headless chicken named Mike. This report comes from Tom and Patti Burkett, the RV Lifestyle's roving off-the-beaten-path reporters Every small town has a story Did you know the most common town name in […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path RV Trip: Colonial Beach, VA

There's lots to see for the RVer in Colonial Beach, VA, as our off the beaten path reporters Tom & Patti Burkett report on the area known as the “playground of the Potomac.” If you get off US Highway 17 in Port Royal, Virginia, cross the Rappahannock River, and head toward the Potomac, you’ll eventually […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: Awesome Road Food across the country

 One of the great joys of road trips off the beaten path is discovering road food, great places to eat. Tom and Patti Burkett share some of the great road food they have discovered as they travel across the country. We love road food. And we've come to the conclusion that maybe food stands were […]Read More

Wild Center Adirondacks: A Delightful Stop for RVers

When it comes to Off The Beaten Path adventures, the Wild Center Adirondacks is a must-visit in New York State.  By Tom and Patti Burkett The Adirondacks are full of surprises, as you might expect from an area that’s been a recreation and vacation land for more than a century.  It began in 1885 and over […]Read More

RV Podcast 311: Try Moochdocking for cheap RV Overnights

You surely have heard the term moochdocking by now, a variation on the boondocking trend that is so popular with RVers these days. While boondocking is typically off-grid camping in remote areas, moochdocking is camping – usually without hookups – in people’s driveways or the back of their property. This week, we’ll learn about a […]Read More

A fabulously fun off the beaten path visit to Storybook Land, SD

It was one of those picture-perfect October days, late in the afternoon, when we pulled into the parking lot of Storybook Land in Aberdeen, South Dakota. By Tom & Patti Burkett “Storybook Railroad closed for the season,” the sign read at the entrance as if to ward off the oncoming disappointment from a carload of children.   […]Read More

Barrier Islands Offer a Delightful Stop for RVers

If you’ve ever been to visit Assateague, Chincoteague, and other barrier islands in Virginia, you’ve spent some time on U.S. Highway 13.   By Tom & Patti Burkett We were here in the early spring to see the waterfowl migration, and it was spectacular. Headed south toward Norfolk, we passed through Wachapreague and Nassawadox, and […]Read More

Bats You Gotta See Now Off the Beaten Path in Florida

Don't let this creep you out but this off the beaten path report is about bats — the kind with wings. There are a number of places across the U.S. where you can see mass flyouts of these nocturnal mammals, and we encourage you to make time for one or all of them. Some are in […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: RV Podcast Trip to the world of carnivorous plants

By Tom & Patti Burkett RV Podcast Off the Beaten Path Reporters This spring our rhubarb plant went out of control.  It sprouted three huge flowering stalks which bent from their own weight and then grew sideways and then up again reminding us of nothing so much as Audrey 2 from the Little Shop of Horrors.  “Feed […]Read More

6 Charming U.S. Streets to Visit While RVing

Looking for some charming streets to visit? From coast-to-coast, our RV Lifestyle Fellow Travelers know that the U.S. is second-to-none when it comes to our downtown districts.  Sure, there is the Honky Tonk Highway on Lower Broadway in Nashville, Bourbon Street in New Orleans' French Quarter, and a lot more that are pretty well known, […]Read More

Every place has a story

Our guests this week are Tom and Patti Burkett, who share with us how they find all those fascinating off-the-beaten-path stories Show Notes for Episode #276 Jan. 15, 2019 of The RV Podcast: WHAT MIKE AND JENNIFER ARE UP TO THIS WEEK We’re recording this podcast at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path: Asheville’s Pinball Museum

By Tom and Patty Burkett We recently saw “Rocketman,” the Elton John biopic, and in one of the grand scenes he’s sitting at the the piano on a rotating stage playing Pinball Wizard.  Bells were dinging and that characteristic sound of metal balls bouncing off electric bumpers was everywhere when we stepped into the Pinball Museum in Asheville, […]Read More

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