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RVing and boondocking in inland California

This year we're making a point of visiting inland California, in contrast to our usual dash to the Pacific Coast Highway, which we have done for six of our eight years of fulltiming, missing only the summer we spent at the Roadtrek factory helping build this Roadtrek, and our summer in Europe. This year we […]Read More

Off the beaten path: Boondocking in National Forests

If you're someone who enjoys boondocking, you're sure to have discovered the treasures to be found in the US National Forests. Some of these tracts are huge, and most of them include at least some variety of campsites. The Wayne National Forest, in our home state of Ohio, is small compared to some of the […]Read More

Glacial Features At My Montana Campsite

After over two weeks up on the Beartooth Plateau getting snowed on, I needed to find a new spot to camp. Montana is very generous in its dispersed camping rules, allowing you 16 days in any one spot, and then you have to relocate at least five miles away. I decided we'd head downhill and […]Read More

“Boondocking” in Closed National Forest Campgrounds

This is great – all the benefits of campgrounds, and none of the drawbacks. They’re closed, yet open. Fall camping in the Yellowstone Ecosystem can be just as solitary as you want it to be, thanks to the Forest Service’s practice of leaving the gates to the campgrounds open after they have closed them for […]Read More

RV Destinations: Returning to Our Own Lupine Meadows at Mount Hood

After Yan Seiner's Pacific Northwest Get-together we headed out for our next announced destination: Vancouver Island, as decreed by the campsite selection committee. I dutifully punched Victoria BC into the GPS, and started driving the designated route. Leaving Silver Lake headed north, we passed Fort Rock, grabbed a burger in La Pine, hit the state […]Read More

Government Shutdown Camping – National Forests

Well, the government is shut down, but you'd never know it out on the prairies and ridgelines of the great outdoors. It's hard to decipher exactly what is shut down from the Forest Service's cryptic pronouncement here, but a quick lap around the internet seems to indicate that most of the Forest Service websites are […]Read More

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