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Off the Beaten Path: Boondocking in U.S. National Forests

If you're someone who enjoys boondocking, you're sure to have discovered the treasures to be found in the US National Forests. Some of these tracts are huge, and most of them include at least some variety of campsites. The Wayne National Forest, in our home state of Ohio, is small compared to some of the […]Read More

Designated Dispersed Camping – What a Concept!

Normally, dispersed camping in National Forests is just a matter of finding a road on the Motor Vehicle Use Map with dots on each side of it and picking a likely spot, but what if it's a forest near a large city with high use rates, and you don't want people stomping all over? If […]Read More

Dispersed Camping in National Forests

I have previously written about national forest campgrounds, an affordable and enjoyable way to camp without the crowds and expense of commercial and national park campgrounds. If your rig has good boondocking capability, there's an even less crowded – and even cheaper – alternative: dispersed camping in national forests. While our boastful neighbors to the […]Read More