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RV PODCAST 219: What you need to know about RV Insurance

One of the topics that we are asked about a lot has to do with insurance. How do you select the right insurance for your RV? If you make a mistake, you can overpay, or be under insured. There are so many variables that when it comes to choosing RV insurance, you need to know […]Read More

RV Podcast Episode 218: When will 2019 Sprinters be available?

This week we update you with some inside information on the 2019 Sprinter van, probably the most popular chassis used by Class B RVs. They’ve been in short supply for almost two years now and we’ll learn this week that a new Sprinter factory in South Carolina is about to change that. Plus, lots of […]Read More

You ask, We answer: Here’s this week’s Ask Us Anything

This week's Ask Us Anything live broadcast on the RV Lifestyle Channel had hundreds of people checking in from all across North America and the world. We updated our upcoming travel plans and then answered lots and lots of questions, including: How to buy a used RV The most interesting people we have met in […]Read More

RV Podcast 216: Our Absolute Top RV buying Tip

Thinking about buying at RV? Hold up. Don’t do it until you follow our advice. What advice is that? Simple: Try before you buy. Unless you are an experienced RVer and know – from experience – just what you want, RV newbies should try out an RV for a couple of days to make sure […]Read More

The latest from Mike & Jen

We had another great time last night on our weekly Ask Us Anything live broadcast on the RV Lifestyle Channel on YouTube. First, we shared a bunch of fun photos sent us by readers and viewers of Halloween festivities at various campgrounds across North America. Then, answering viewer questions live, we talked about all sorts […]Read More

RV Podcast 215 Getting your RV ready for winter

RV Podcast 215 Is your Rv ready for winter? It’s that time of year again. Cold weather and temperatures near freezing remind us that winter is fast approaching and those in northern climates soon need to winterize their RVs. So we tell you in this episode everything you need to do to protect your RV’s […]Read More

Lots of questions on this week’s Ask Us Anything show

Our weekly Sunday night “Ask Us Anything” LIVE broadcast on our RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel had us busy last night answering your questions from all across North America and even Australia. Jen and I really enjoy these live webcasts and the interactive capabilities that lets us talk directly with you. Bo, not so much, as […]Read More

Ask Us Anything: Answering your questions about the Rv Lifestyle

On this week's  live Sunday night YouTube broadcast we answer your questions about how Bo got his name (it was almost Hammill!), why we don't like caravanning with other RVers, how to find a used Class B RV under $50K, where a 6 foot, five inch man can find an RV he can stand up […]Read More

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