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Retracing Lewis and Clark and the Pioneer Routes West

With all the travel we’ve done over the past five years, what has impressed us perhaps the most are the routes we took that touched parts of two historic routes: The Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Oregon Trail. It’s hard to over emphasize the importance of these two 19th century routes. Lewis and Clark […]Read More

Episode 84: Turn Your Motorhome into a Houseboat

Now you can turn your motorhome into a houseboat. I first heard about this very cool (and expensive!) invention at the Perry, GA gathering of the Family Motorcoach Association when I met the man who dreamed up and built something called the RollerBoat, a floating contraption that can certainly take your motorhome places its never […]Read More

Pompey’s Pillar: A Must-Stop in Montana

Over the past four years, Jennifer and I have turned into Lewis and Clark junkies. The story of the amazing journey of America's most influential explorers 200 years ago has captivated us as we've traveled the country. We've retraced much of their 4,000-mile route, read books, watched documentaries on their journal, visited scores of museums […]Read More

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