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Instant Hot Water for RV showers is luxurious

True confession time. In our previous Class B campervan RVs, we very seldom used the wet showers than came with them. For one, the showers got the whole bathroom wet, which was a pain to dry off. For another, they wasted a lot of water as you waited for the traditional RV water heaters to […]Read More

What worked, what didn’t in our RV Life for 2019

At the close of every year, before we plot out our adventures for the new one just around the corner, we like to review the past 12 months of travel, learning from all those experiences we’ve had on the road – the good and the bad. Truth of the matter is that it’s hard to […]Read More

Meet North America’s Most Popular RV Salesman

This week, we talk to RV salesman who has become a celebrity video star with a huge following you’d never have expected from the first video shot almost a decade ago He is Dean Corrigal, from Leisure Travel Vans, who shares with us how he became a YouTube star in his own right and therefore […]Read More

We’re now in the Adirondacks!

We've been busy this past week, first traveling into Canada for some camping along the northern shore if Lake Ontario, and then on to the province of Quebec where we attended a rally on the banks of the Ottawa River near Montreal,  put on by the French-speaking Leisure Travel Vans club of Quebec. Now we're […]Read More

Video: What’s the latest in small motorhomes

We just returned from the 2019 edition of LaMesa RV’s Super B Show near Phoenix, AZ, the largest RV show in North America specializing in small Class B and Class C motorhomes. We out together this video to show you the latest trends, innovations and features we saw at the show. Hats off to LaMesa […]Read More

Favorite features on our new RV

We have owned our new Leisure Travel Van's Unity FX for about three weeks now and have already identified a whole bunch of features that we really like. In this video, we show you what has impressed us so far as we tour the inside of the motorhome, showing you the color scheme, the slide […]Read More

Our full review of the Wonder RTB from Leisure Travel Vans

For the past month, we’ve been testing out the Wonder RTB by Leisure Travel Vans. RTB stands for Rear Twin Beds and we’ve driven it from Manitoba Canada to Michigan, to Florida and now out west through Texas. In our previous video we did a full review in the Ford Transit Chassis, which the Wonder […]Read More

Ask Us Anything from the Gulf Coast

Our latest Ask Us Anything live stream comes to you from the Gulf Coast, where all the towns from the Florida panhandle on through New Orleans are caught up in Mardi Gras parades and celebrations in preparation for Fat Tuesday. We will be in the road all this week, winding our way from the Destin, […]Read More

Our Most Epic RV Factory Tour Yet!

We journeyed up to Winkler, Manitoba, Canada to get a Leisure Travel Vans tour from Dean Corrigal and ended up driving out of there in a brand new 2019 Wonder Rear Twin Bed Model, which we will test out for the next month or so. We've never spent time on the road in a B-Plus […]Read More

RV Podcast Ep 229: Trying to make the foolproof RV

We’ve been traveling North America for the past month. Checking out small motorhomes and visiting various RV manufacturing facilities and this week, we want to share the visit we just made to Manitoba, Canada and the factory where Leisure Travel Vans makes its excellent line of Class B-Plus motorhomes. In our interview of the week, […]Read More

The reasons behind the booming small motorhome market

Type B's and C's, the smaller versions of the rapidly growing motorhome market, are leading the way in the dramatic turnaround in the RV industry thanks to the ever growing number of Baby Boomer retirees used to active, mobile lifestyles. I've spent much of the past week here at the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association's annual […]Read More

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