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Tips: Upgrade Kitchen Lighting Easily

When we bought our 1995 Dodge Roadtrek 190 Popular the kitchen had one feeble incandescent light, so it was too easy to serve the garbage instead of salad. We remedied that by replacing the light bulb with an LED array that fit into the same fixture. That was some better. It saved electricity. Then we […]Read More

Lighting Versatility for Your RV or Camper

Lighting is important to enjoy a space and to complete the task at hand. Have you ever fumbled in the dark for a latch or tried to remove a splinter with bad lighting?  It's frustrating!  If you read “house nifty” (as Roger calls them) magazines there are often articles about good lighting for your kitchen […]Read More

Why is Our Camper Van so Comfortable?

We are sitting in a beautiful Florida State Park waiting for the snow and wintry mix to pass through Georgia before we head north. We will winterize tomorrow morning after breakfast. Usually we can get halfway home before winterizing, but this winter has been cold – even in the south. We spent most of the […]Read More

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