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Campskunk’s Drive Up Into Austria

After three relaxing days at Nevegal in the Dolomites, it was time to head north. On Sharon's list of things to visit is Vienna, Austria, which was about 400 miles away.   As is usually the case in the mountains, though, you can't get there from here, so back we went down the valley we had […]Read More

Campskunk and Sharon’s Italian Alps RV Adventure

We were hot. There's been a heatwave all over southern Europe, and we were seeing what we could in our coast-to-coast run across Italy, but we needed a break from the weather, and the crowds. The difference in population density between Europe and our usual haunts out on the Pacific Coast Highway or up in […]Read More

Campskunk’s Coast to Coast Run Across Italy

We had driven down Italy's west coast as far as Pisa, and were sitting in a Mediterranean-front commercial campground, figuring out what to do. Sharon wanted to see Florence, but the countryside was in the grips of a heatwave, with highs inland in the 90s, so we weren't going to sit around and tour the […]Read More

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